Paradigm Shift: Moving from Traditional to Modular Construction

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    May 6, 2016

    Paradigm Shift: Moving from Traditional to Modular Construction

    There is something majestic about old buildings built on a foundation with a coarse stone framework. The beauty of these old buildings is appreciated even today and will continue to be appreciated centuries from now. However, despite their beauty and majesty, traditionally constructed buildings are fast losing their popularity. The main reason is because of the switch from these traditional buildings to modular construction; to take advantage of its many benefits.

    Modular buildings can be constructed very quickly, with great attention to detail, and in most cases at a lower cost than traditional buildings. In today’s fast-paced world, people are looking for immediate results and instant gratification. This mindset is a big part of why modular construction is gaining popularity over traditional construction.

    Why are people choosing modular buildings?

    The answer is TESCQ. Modular buildings have five main advantages to offer over traditionally constructed buildings:

    1. Time

    hourglassPrefabricated buildings take 30 to 50 percent less time to complete than traditionally constructed buildings. The two components of construction, foundation and building, happen simultaneously in modular construction. While the foundation is prepared on site, the actual building components happen in a factory off-site. When the units are ready they are transported individually to the main site of constructed and are then assembled in minimal time.          


    2. Environmental Impact

    treeModular buildings can literally be picked up from one location and re-assembled in another location. There is no demolition as such which significantly reduces the generation of debris and other construction waste. Furthermore, most materials that are used in prefabricated buildings are recycled or recyclable (ex. Recycled steel, recycled wood, and recycled glass.)

    Recognizing the value of modular construction on the environment, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awards points under its Materials and Resources sections MR 1.2 and MR 1.3. “Projects with a pre-cut framing package are awarded MR 1.2 and MR 1.3 (detailed framing documents) automatically.”          

    3. Safety

    black exclamation markOn-site construction traditionally involves hazardous operations for both workers and those in the vicinity. In modular construction, components of the building are constructed off-site, transported to the job site and are placed onto the foundation system using cranes. Modular construction makes use of minimal heavy machinery when assembling the building, thus decreasing the probability of accidents and injuries to the workforce. Modular construction also reduces the exposure of workers to inclement weather such as extreme temperatures.

    4. Cost

    Because they take less time to construct, labor costs are significantly lower for modular buildings and because the individual parts are factory-produced in an assembly-line, they may be more cost effective to manufacture. Modular construction can reduce building costs by nine to 20 percent.

    5. Quality

    Don’t be fooled by the low cost of construction in modular buildings, these buildings are of the highest possible quality. The assembly-line production of the individual parts of a prefab building allows for required quality checks that are done every step of the way, thus ensuring that the finished product is always top-notch.

    With thousands of start-up companies, private practitioners like dentists, orthodontists, opticians, psychiatrists and other healthcare provider clinics coming up every year, temporary buildings are exactly what young millennials are looking for.

    They are the perfect solution to customers who are uncertain about how long they will need the building/office space for. Temporary buildings can be used for as long as they are needed and are easily disassembled when they have served their use. The disassembled components can be reused in other construction or can be re-assembled in case they are needed again. Depending on your need and your budget, you can purchase modular buildings for sale, rent, or lease.

    With so many benefits and nothing to lose, it is no wonder that modular construction is gaining more popularity!

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