School Portables 101: A Guide To Mobile Classroom Trailers

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    March 3, 2022

    School Portables 101: A Guide To Mobile Classroom Trailers

    What is a Portable Classroom?

    Our portable classrooms are modular buildings that can be placed on a location temporarily. These classrooms are built inside of climate-controlled environments. Due to their incredible building standards (which often exceed those of traditional stick-built structures), portable classrooms are the most sturdy, reliable, quick-to-deploy option when your school has temporary space needs.

    Other Types of School Portables

    We have a variety of both temporary and new, fully customizable permanent modular classrooms. However, there are other ways for schools to get the most out of temporary modular buildings, such as:

    • Temporary dormitories for summer students, campus visitors, or an influx of enrollees
    • Replacement modular buildings during ongoing renovation projects (e.g., using a modular dining hall during a renovation of your existing campus dining facility)
    • Extra restroom facilities or concession stands near school fields and pitches during relevant athletic seasons

    Whether you are in need of a quick and affordable space solution or want total control over the design of your building, we can give you an energy-efficient school complex much faster than a traditional build can.

    Benefits of Portable Classrooms 

    Fast Construction

    Modular construction has a much quicker turnaround time than standard, site-built construction—up to twice as fast! This is for a few reasons. Modular buildings utilize prefabricated materials, which allows our contractors to save time on components that would have been built from scratch. 

    Our classrooms are made off-site, mitigating any costs and issues resulting from site-related setbacks like bad weather. The shorter yet regimented construction period saves you money while still allowing us to deliver an impeccably constructed product. 

    Endlessly Customizable

    Every classroom building serves different needs. Because of this, we offer completely customizable modular units. Choose what size and layout suits your classes best, which room features will enhance the teaching of particular subjects, and what kind of exterior material is most appropriate for your classroom, depending on the climate of your area. 

    Just as a standard building allows you to include handicap-accessible bathrooms, unique layouts, audio/visual equipment, high-quality utilities like HVAC systems, and weather-resistant materials, modular classrooms also offer a variety of options for a more affordable price. 

    Cost-Effective Space Solution

    If your district is quickly growing but you’re on a limited budget, no problem. Portable classrooms can help your school save money. Instead of building a costly, time-consuming addition onto your existing school, a refurbished portable modular classroom provides as much space as you need for as long as you need. 

    Minimally Disruptive

    One of the biggest benefits of modular construction is that it is minimally disruptive. For schools, this means that students and staff can continue classes with minimal disturbance due to any ongoing sitework, unlike with a large construction site.

    Greener Footprint

    If you value sustainability, modular classrooms are for you. Due to the unmatched quality in our construction phase, portable classrooms hold up incredibly well, providing a durable space solution for upwards of 50 years. 

    The streamlined assembly process of modular construction reduces material waste, making portable modular buildings a greener solution compared to traditional construction. Additionally, less sitework means less noise pollution.

    Safe & Accessible

    We are still living in a pandemic, and will likely be dealing with the effects of it for years to come. Portable classrooms can help your school provide a safe space to learn by allowing students and staff to spread out and social distance when necessary. 

    With our classrooms, you can also add key accessibility features, like ramps and handicap-accessible bathrooms, serving people of all abilities, ensuring all students and staff feel welcomed.

    How Big is a Portable Classroom?

    We have a variety of classroom sizes:

    • Single portable classrooms: These typically come in either 24’ x 36’ or  24’ x 40’, making them apt for holding one class, or providing a comfortable space for a teachers’ lounge.
    • Double portable classrooms: If you need more space, but don’t require multiple buildings, a double classroom is a great fit. These come in a variety of sizes but are typically 24’–28’ x 60’–70.
    • Multi-unit portable classrooms: When your school is undergoing renovations and teachers need a temporary space to conduct classes, consider a multi-unit modular building. These come in a wide range of configurations to fit many needs; popular layouts include four, six, eight, ten, or twelve classrooms. Restrooms, office space, and teacher workrooms can also be added to these buildings.
    • Custom classrooms: Create a classroom that is tailored to your specific layout and education needs. Whether you’re expanding on your current school building or want a unique, modern space for your preschool, elementary, college, or university, we have affordable, customizable space solutions.

    Customize Your Mobile Classroom Trailer

    Whatever your space needs, we can make it a reality. Certain environments benefit from different types of exterior materials, like steel, wood, or concrete. You may want carpet in one section of your space, with ceramic tile in the foyer—and we are happy to oblige. Entrance canopies can also be added to the building, along with other exterior accessories such as stairs, decks, and ramps.

    Whether you’re seeking a portable library that boasts your school colors, a comfortable administrative building, a spacious computer or chemistry lab, or a well-insulated music room, we are happy to discuss all the ways in which your portable modular classroom can perfectly suit your staff and students.

    What Features Can I Add To Portable Classrooms?

    One of the amazing aspects of portable classrooms is the seemingly endless number of features that you will find available to enhance the comfort levels of your students and staff.

    Some of the most common portable classroom features include:

    • Standard bathrooms and handicap-accessible bathrooms
    • Handicap-accessible ramps for entrances
    • School desks for students or instructors
    • Comfortable chairs and furniture for lounging and study spaces
    • Full data connectivity
    • Outer canopies for protection against the weather
    • Carpeted flooring or vinyl composition tile
    • A/V equipment for lectures and presentations
    • HVAC systems for full climate control capabilities

    Portable Classrooms Cost

    There are a variety of factors that can affect the cost of your portable classroom, including:

    • Size: One single modular class can typically fit up to 30 students. The more space your classroom needs, the more it will cost. However, it will still be less expensive than a standard, site-built classroom or complex. 
    • Customizations: Specially designed aspects, like a unique layout, will come with a higher charge. Still, modular construction is the best way to get exactly what you want in a timely and cost-effective manner.
    • New vs. used: Creating a classroom that is custom-built for your organization will cost more than picking an existing refurbished classroom from our inventory.
    • Leased vs. purchased: The most cost-effective option when it comes to leasing versus purchasing often depends on how long you intend to use your mobile classroom. If you are looking to use your portable classroom for more than five years, you may want to consider purchasing it. We recommend leasing for those seeking a space solution for less than five years.

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    How Long Do School Portables Last?

    Our modular buildings can easily last over 50 years, making them a smart and sustainable way to provide more space at your school.

    What's That’s The Difference Between A Mobile Classroom, A Portable Classroom , and a Temporary Classroom?

    For the most part, these terms are interchangeable in the field of modular construction. Mobile, portable, and temporary classrooms refer to single wide or double wide modular classrooms that can be transported as needed.

    Keep in mind that when we are referring to “mobile classrooms” we do not supply van- or bus-based classrooms that travel to different schools or community groups to provide educational opportunities.

    What’s The Difference Between Used , Lease , And Rent?

    Mobile Modular offers modular buildings for lease and purchase. In the modular construction industry, renting and leasing mean the same thing.

    If you would like to purchase a modular building, we recommend constructing a custom building to fit your specific needs. New builds are also eligible for a financed lease to ease initial costs, in which you lease to one day own the building. 

    If you would like to lease a building, you can still build a new model, or you can choose from the thousands of used buildings in our inventory.

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