The School Portable Offers Affordable Lease Options for Modern School Budgets

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    May 22, 2020

    The School Portable Offers Affordable Lease Options for Modern School Budgets

    Rent or Buy a School Portable

    The future economic conditions facing our nation’s educational institutions look challenging. Elementary schools, middle and high schools, as well as public and private universities are all grappling with budgetary challenges.

    Earlier this month, the US News reported that:

    “School officials from the country’s biggest school districts recently sent a message to Congress: Inject the K-12 system with a serious infusion of cash or brace for the catastrophic results of hollowed-out school budgets.”

    Federal, state, and local government funding is being spread thin. The decisions to allocate money to various organizations and businesses will likely result in our schools tightening their belts.

    We believe Mobile Modular's school portable options can assist schools during these times.

    School Portables for Rent or Lease for the Upcoming School Year

    With schools needing to manage their budgets, the timeline for safely returning to physical school buildings remains uncertain. Some reports suggest potential future outbreaks, which could disrupt the school year.

    Mobile Modular's classroom options provide schools with flexible leasing options. Portable classrooms are cost-effective spaces that offer more square footage for as long as you need temporary classroom space. If circumstances change, we can adjust to your timelines.

    For more insights on portable classrooms, check out this helpful portable classroom guide.
    [Classroom eBook]

    Portable Classroom Design Tips for Small Spaces

    If you decide to buy or rent a school portable, consider these interior design features to enhance the experience:

    • Add vibrant colors to your walls.
    • Use mirrors to make spaces feel larger.
    • Organize the classroom into distinct areas.
    • Optimize storage with slot shelving.
    • Minimize bulky furniture.

    Portable Classrooms Come in Various Layouts and Sizes

    Portable classrooms come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you need a single classroom unit or a larger modular classroom building, we have options to suit your needs.

    Most Common School Portable Sizes:

    • 24 ft x 36 ft school portable building
    • 24 ft x 60 ft school portable building
    • 36 ft x 60 ft portable school complex
    • Customizable Modular Classroom Buildings

    School Portable Furniture and Technical Specifications

    Mobile Modular can assist schools with furniture needs, from desks to lounge furniture. Additionally, portables can be equipped with data wiring, projectors, and HVAC systems for optimal comfort.

    School Portable Classroom Types:

    Mobile Modular offers a variety of classroom types, including:

    • Standard classrooms
    • Chemistry Labs
    • Computer Labs
    • Reading Rooms
    • Multi-purpose classrooms

    How Much Does a School Portable Cost?

    The cost varies based on several factors, such as rental vs. purchase, number of classrooms, customizations, and more. Contact Mobile Modular for detailed pricing.

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