Is It Time To Upgrade Classroom Technology At Your School?

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    January 25, 2018

    Is It Time To Upgrade Classroom Technology At Your School?

    Did you know that 97 percent of children as young as four use mobile devices, regardless of family income level? With children using technology at such young ages, technology in the classroom is no longer a choice. The question educators must ask today is – how well do devices and technology in my classroom help students learn better?

    With the number of Internet users expected to reach about 283.5 million in 2022, education and technology are becoming inseparable. Schools that don’t recognize the influence of technology in their students’ lives are sure to fall behind.

    upgrade classroom technology infographic

    The benefits of new technology in the classroom are bountiful and go beyond capturing and maintaining students’ attention. Classroom technology offers the following advantages:

    • -More access to research material
    • -Better standardization of assessments
    • -Greater collaborative learning
    • -Opportunities to cater to several learning styles

    It’s not just the teachers and students who get to benefit from technology in classrooms. Digital assessments, visual aids, and worksheets save paper and precious environmental resources.

    However, a technologically up-to-date classroom needs flexibility and future-ready accessories. Modular classrooms are the perfect match for tech-savvy classes. Not only do they accommodate increasing enrollments quickly with customizable and expandable features, prefabricated school buildings can effortlessly equip modular classrooms with the latest tech devices and safety features.

    As a leading provider of modular buildings for over three decades, Mobile Modular delivers high-quality prefab classrooms, mobile offices, and more. Contact our team of experts who can answer your questions and guide you every step of the way. Request a quote today.

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