Modular Building Solutions: Top 6 Uses For Modular Buildings

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    June 14, 2023

    Modular Building Solutions: Top 6 Uses For Modular Buildings

    Seeking an affordable workspace? We’ve got you covered. Mobile Modular offers modular buildings for a wide range of industries. Learn how modular building solutions can benefit your organization.

    Modular Buildings For Purchase Or Lease

    Whether you need a permanent building for your organization to enjoy for years to come or are searching for a quick-to-deploy temporary space solution, Mobile Modular is your go-to provider. Our modular buildings are available for lease or purchase, and Mobile Modular has a team of experts who can work with you on terms that fit your budget. 

    We have an extensive fleet of refurbished modular buildings ready to be delivered as soon as you need them. For more unique needs, we are happy to design a new space that provides your team with exactly what they need to succeed. 

    Top 6 Modular Building Systems For All Industries

    Modular buildings are ideal for many industries due to their flexibility, versatility, affordability, and customizability. While Mobile Modular has designed and provided modular buildings for many industries, the majority of our buildings are used in the following six ways:

    1. Get Unique, Functional Space With Modular Office Buildings

    Whether it’s large or small, permanent or temporary, every industry requires office space. We’ve worked with many unique organizations to deliver functional workspaces that provide a clean, quiet place to get down to business. We offer a wide range of layouts, from single modular office trailers that are perfect for smaller staff, to spacious custom modular complexes that can comfortably fit your entire team.

    Our team has created unique modular offices equipped with features that enhance focus, such as our sound masking services. These services prove especially beneficial for individuals situated in high-traffic zones or engaged in construction-related work.

    We’re always looking for ways to simplify your experience with us. With our turnkey furnishing options, you can get your new building outfitted with desks, chairs, and other amenities such as hand sanitizing stations—saving you the time and money it would take to procure items on your own.

    2. Serve More Patients With Modular Healthcare Buildings

    Hospitals, healthcare clinics, dentist offices, and other special medical facilities such as imaging labs or healthcare administrative offices can all create more usable workspaces with modular building solutions. We’ve supplied a substantial amount of healthcare professionals with both temporary and permanent modular buildings.

    Temporary modular healthcare buildings were instrumental during the height of the pandemic when hospitals were running out of space for both paperwork and patients. Mobile Modular has also installed permanent modular healthcare buildings at various hospitals, flawlessly matching interior and exterior aesthetics to seamlessly extend the workspace. Customizing medical offices to suit your specific needs is simple with Mobile Modular.

    One of our Mobile Modular Plus turnkey offerings is an air filtration system, which removes a majority of tested airborne viruses and bacteria—a must-have feature to better protect your medical staff. 

    3. Develop Affordable Spaces With Modular Dorms And Workforce Housing

    Modular dorms are continuing to become more mainstream because of their modern appearance and affordable price point. We’ve designed and constructed eye-catching facilities that serve a myriad of purposes, including temporary dorms for students and portable jobsite housing for various industries in remote locations.

    You can customize a housing layout to be as complex or as simple as you require. If you’re looking for a modular dormitory complete with community bathrooms and study spaces engineered with energy efficiency in mind, we can build it.

    4. Get Flexible Space For Students With Modular School Buildings

    Is your school district anticipating a record year for enrollment? Or are you in the middle of a construction project on your current building, but continually being met with delays? Don’t let the excitement of a new school year be dampened by a lack of space—Mobile Modular has a variety of modular classrooms that can be delivered to your site with short notice. We have an extensive array of high-quality buildings for temporary use, from administrative offices to teachers’ lounges to music classrooms. 

    Where we really shine, however, is in designing beautiful, new educational buildings for your district to enjoy for years to come. Modular construction is the most affordable solution for budget-conscious institutions that need a single classroom addition or a completely new school. Our buildings can be outfitted with everything you need, including desks, chairs, and premium security features, providing peace of mind to your staff and students.

    5. Celebrate & Gather In Modern, Modular Church Buildings

    Mobile Modular has provided many churches and religious organizations with custom spaces for administration, education, and other uses. Compared to traditional construction, modular building solutions are much more affordable and feasible for groups that need to expand or upgrade their facilities.

    6. Add Office And Storage Space To Your Industrial Facilities

    Our manufacturing and industrial clients frequently need additional space for administrative or customer-facing offices. When expanding their manufacturing facilities, they may need to add break rooms, locker rooms, or bathrooms. Mobile Modular can also provide facilities for shipping and receiving centers at warehouses and storage containers to keep inventory safe.

    Why Choose Modular Construction?

    If you’ve only worked with the traditional, site-built model of construction before, you’ll be happily surprised to learn that modular construction offers the same customization abilities and structural durability for a lower cost

    Benefits Of Modular Construction

    There are many benefits to modular construction, including:

    • Speed: The repeatable, efficient process of modular construction means your project will be completed and ready for use significantly faster than with traditional construction. Building modules in a factory setting eliminates the use of bulky, heavy machinery and additional workers, which can pad out construction timelines. If your organization is on a tight timeline, there is no better option than modular construction.
    • Affordability: The low labor costs of modular construction make our buildings more affordable than those offered through site-built construction. For startups, small businesses, or those seeking a unique custom build on a budget, Mobile Modular construction services are the superior solution.
    • Versatility: With modular buildings, you can obtain the exact amount of space you need for as long as you require it. Modular construction is an unbeatable option for teams who need a building on a temporary basis. For those with jobs that take them to various locations, the portability of temporary modular buildings is a no-brainer. Another advantage? As a result of our use of top-tier materials, you don’t need to compromise durability, either.
    • Predictability: Unlike traditional construction, which takes place on-site, modular construction happens in a controlled factory setting. This allows our team to have total control over the building process; there are no site-related setbacks or poor weather conditions to worry about. With modular construction, your project will be completed on time and stay within your budget. 

    Find Modular Buildings For Sale

    Even if your industry isn’t in our top six list, we are confident we can create a custom structure that will serve your team for many years to come. Send us a message today to start the process of designing a modular building.

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