Everything You Need to Know About Used Office Trailer Rentals By Mobile Modular

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    December 9, 2022

    Everything You Need to Know About Used Office Trailer Rentals By Mobile Modular

    Used modular offices are a popular and affordable alternative to traditional office rentals. Mobile Modular provides a variety of leasing options for many industry uses at great prices. See why your next office space should be a modular office trailer!

    Benefits of a Used Office Trailer

    There are many benefits of mobile office trailers for lease, such as:

    • Affordable price: It costs less to rent our used office trailers than our new, custom ones.
    • Environmentally friendly: Not only is the construction of modular office trailers less wasteful than traditional construction, but it is also more environmentally friendly to reuse a previously owned office.
    • Quicker shipment: A used office trailer rental doesn’t require construction time. We can ship an item from our inventory right away. 
    • Portability: For jobs that require frequent location changes, like construction, civic engineering, and theater, the ease of transporting office trailers is a significant perk.

    Single-Wide vs. Double-Wide Office Trailers

    Single wide office trailers are easily transported in their entirety, while double wide modular offices consist of two modules connected onsite to provide more flexibility and space for your employees. The size you choose will depend on the needs of your business. Whether you need a single wide or double wide office trailer, MOBILE MODULAR offers solutions to fit any need.

    No matter the size of your company, we have the ideal modular office trailer for you. Our single- wide used office trailers for rent are the perfect size for small companies and self-owned businesses and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. We have 8-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot office trailer models. 

    Double-wide modular office trailers are a convenient solution for larger companies or companies that need more space for manufacturing and storage. We have several floor plan options, with the most common being a standard 24’ x 56’ office.  

    Used Modular Offices for Various Industries


    Construction projects are easier with an on-site office. Our used mobile office trailers can easily be relocated from one construction site to the next. Create blueprints and store building equipment in one of our secure modular office buildings. 


    Manufacturing is a major pillar of the economy, accounting for over a tenth of the US GDP. If your company needs space for manufacturing, modular offices are the perfect place to do so. Our modular office trailers can come with several different rooms for various manufacturing processes and steps. 


    Teachers, principals, and superintendents need an office space for administrative planning. Leasing mobile office space offers a cost-effective option for public schools, private schools, and universities. With our Mobile Modular Plus solutions, MOBILE MODULAR offers a turnkey solution to have your pre-owned office fully furnished with desks, cubicles, filing cabinets, and more.


    Emergency medical centers, health screening facilities, and specialty clinics can use our office trailer rentals to keep lab results and patient files. Healthcare professionals need a quiet, reliable place to schedule appointments and review patient cases. For medics who need a temporary space after disaster relief, this is an especially helpful solution. 


    Places like New York City, California, and Florida rely on tourism as a source of revenue. Travelers from all over the world come to visit their attractions. Every tourism company needs a center for people to meet to consult with workers and plan their trips. Our modular offices can be utilized by the tourism industry. 

    Government and Military

    Modular offices are an efficient use of government and military spending. Their portability is perfect for military bases that might require relocation. Our modular offices can be equipped with security systems so that classified documents stay safe. Each used office trailer has the option to be equipped with our full security package. 

    Church and Religion

    Religious organizations and churches can use our modular office buildings for lease to complete administrative work and plan their finances. Modular offices can be placed in a location that offers ease of access and convenience. If you need a short-term rental during your church expansion or renovation, Mobile Modular has you covered. 

    Furnish Your Office Trailer Rental with Mobile Modular Plus

    Fully furnish your used modular office building with Mobile Modular Plus, Mobile Modular’s premier service for turnkey furniture solutions. Your used office trailer can be equipped with furniture, appliances,, canopies, and decking.  

    Mobile Modular Plus has a variety of options for office furniture, with products that fit an upscale interior design or functional and simplistic office decor. Fill your office with desks and workstations, storage, and filing cabinets. Waste and water holding tanks can also be provided if utilities are not readily available on site.

    Rent an Office Trailer from Mobile Modular

    See how a used office trailer can benefit your business. A used mobile office is an efficient solution for leasing a secure and cost-effective workplace. Browse our inventory, and you’ll love what you see. We even offer a free quote

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is the Difference Between a Modular Office and Mobile Office?

    Modular and mobile offices refer to the same thing. They are offices that were put together in our factory, designed to be easily transportable and installed onsite. 

    How Soon Will My Office Trailer Rental Arrive?

    Since our office trailer rentals are already made and available in our inventory, they can be shipped out as soon as possible. The delivery date will depend on how close the branch that holds the office is to your location. Remote locations that require multiple modes of transportation may take longer, but don’t worry—we’ll make sure it gets to you. 

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