What Are The Advantages Of Combining On-Site And Modular Construction?

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    September 25, 2017

    What Are The Advantages Of Combining On-Site And Modular Construction?

    It is often portrayed that contractors should choose between modular and on-site construction. However, a combination of on-site and modular construction allows building projects to benefit from the best of both worlds.

    What kind of projects benefit by combining traditional and modular construction?

    1. Projects That Require Cloneable Spaces. While traditional construction methods can be used for more permanent parts of a building, modular units work well in spaces that require similar and repetitive “cloneable” components. These units are constructed in a factory simultaneously with the traditional site-built portion of the building, thus saving time.

    2. Standalone Buildings. Banks, retail shopping centers, and restaurant chains are good examples of building projects that can easily incorporate modular construction with traditional construction. For example, retail outlets and food chains are often set up in traditionally built locations, like malls. While the mall is constructed on-site, retail shops can be built entirely off-site and installed within a short time-frame.

    3. Construction Projects Easily Affected by Bad Weather. Strong winds, cold temperatures, heavy rain, lightning, and fog can slow down any construction product. For example, severe thunderstorms can halt construction until the weather clears. Modular buildings, however, are built and assembled in a controlled environment regardless of weather conditions.

    4. Projects with Tight Deadlines. Modular construction projects may be completed 30-50 percent faster than on-site construction projects. Projects that incorporate modular construction methods will see a quicker return on investment (ROI). While crews build a foundation onsite, modular units are constructed in a factory, quality checked and delivered to the site.

    Combining modular and traditional construction methods is a definite way to reduce timelines, and increasing cost-effectiveness. As a contractor, you can amplify your strengths by implementing modular structures to complete your projects earlier than expected.

    Modular building specialists at Mobile Modular can partner with you on construction projects. We have more than three decades of experience in modular buildings across education, government, healthcare, commercial, and retail. If you would like to know more about modular construction, contact us or Request a quote today.

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