Why Is Modular Great For Revamping Schools?

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    June 6, 2019

    Why Is Modular Great For Revamping Schools?

    Today, schools in the United States are facing challenges on several fronts, and school renovations top that list. When it comes to revamping, some of the most common issues faced by schools are:

    • Fluctuating enrollment - Shifting demographics and other factors have resulted in unpredictable school enrollments, demanding classroom size flexibility to suit timely changes
    • Limited renovation time - With only the short duration of the summer vacation at hand to carry out school renovation and construction, traditional construction may not be a timely option
    • Financial pressure - Tighter budgets challenge schools to find ways to renovate without breaking the strict budget
    • Safety concerns - Safety measures are essential in ensuring a safe learning environment for students and faculty.

    Modular classrooms not only provide the solution to these increasing challenges, but they also offer additional benefits over their traditional counterparts.

    Why is going modular great for school remodeling?

    Modular construction saves energy and time, and is also environmentally friendly and flexible, which means it offers huge savings for schools.

    • Modular is faster - Most of the modular construction work is carried out in a factory in a simultaneous fashion, compared to traditional construction where every step needs to be completed before starting the next one. This can make modular construction up to 50 percent faster.

    If a school only needs a temporary requirement, you can even rent classrooms and buildings in stock to be delivered in one business day. This benefit makes modular ideal for schools that don’t have much time at their disposal for building renovations.

    • Modular is cost-effective - Significant reduction in construction time offers considerable savings. Our innovative product designs can further cut down substantial cost by saving land by up to 33 percent and reducing utility runs and access ramps, resulting in huge savings. This benefit makes modular a great option for schools on tight budgets or that have less land to utilize.
    • Less disruptive - A majority of modular construction is built off-site and a small percentage is assembled on-site, leading to fewer workers and machinery on the site compared to traditional construction. It reduces on-site disruption, making it especially ideal for schools if the renovation lasts beyond the summer vacation or for renovations that can’t wait until the summer.
    • Saves energy and nature - Today’s modular school buildings such as our Campus Maker Hybrid are energy efficient due to improved energy management systems. This helps save energy by up to 50 percent. It is beneficial for schools as it allows for cost-cutting at various levels.

    Studies have also shown that modular construction has a 43 percent less carbon footprint than conventional construction.

    • Flexible - Modular buildings such as our Campus Maker ModPod are easily expandable and retractable, and can be reconfigured easily. Fluctuating enrollments in schools call for the ability to be flexible, which is where this benefit of modular buildings can be used.

    Modular DSA Classrooms in California

    • Offers variety - Modular classrooms and school buildings are available in various configurations to suit individual requirements and enrollment situations. In addition, they are available in a variety of forms that include -
      • Classrooms
      • Music rooms
      • Science labs
      • Teacher resource centers
      • Weight training rooms
      • Administrative offices
      • Libraries
      • Restrooms
      • Cafeterias/multi-purpose building
      • Bookstores
      • Kindergarten
      • Computer labs

    These buildings can also be customized for alternative or specific requirements. With modular construction, one can easily create flexible learning spaces through innovative school renovation ideas, enhancing student engagement through participative learning.

    • Provides safety and security - The safety and security of students and staff are essential and prefabricated buildings are designed to satisfy this criterion. These buildings come with built-in safety features and can be modified to add additional safety measures. Our Campus Maker ModPod is equipped with steel clad exterior doors, self-closers, panic hardware, and a solid core fire-rated classroom door with a large view window and locking system. Doors can be further equipped with optional alarm, electronic entry control and easy integration with primary security and life safety system.

    Modular classrooms offer a practical solution to overcrowded classrooms in the United States. They are faster, cost-effective and more flexible than traditional buildings, making them the perfect option for revamping schools and classrooms.

    With around 40 years of experience and a fleet of modular classrooms and buildings, Mobile Modular is a leading provider of educational solutions for rent, lease and sale. To learn more about our innovative modular classrooms and school buildings, contact us or request a quote today!

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