What Is A Modular Building?

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    June 23, 2022

    What Is A Modular Building?

    A modular building is a structure made of one or several different pieces (called modules) that are assembled together in a factory-like setting and then transported and installed at a different location. Since modular buildings are created in a climate-controlled facility, there is a very high level of quality control. Modular units can be stacked on top of each other or placed next to each other for a custom design and size.

    Today, modular buildings have grown in popularity and are commonly used for office spaces, schools, dormitories, workforce housing, and more. Modular construction is expected to continue growing, and by 2028, could be worth almost $115 billion.

    Many modular buildings are portable, making it possible to lease the building on a temporary basis. By leasing a modular building, you can install a high-quality space solution for as long as you need, and then have it removed and transported back to our inventory when you no longer have use for it. The leasing ability of modular buildings makes them a cost-effective solution for a variety of industries.

    Benefits of Leasing Modular Buildings

    1. Affordable

    Leasing a modular building can be a more affordable option than building something on-site or leasing a current building space. Pre-owned modular buildings are already designed and constructed, eliminating these initial costs. Lease-to-own options can make long-term leasing even more affordable.

    2. Environmentally Friendly

    Modular buildings are environmentally friendly because they require fewer raw materials and produce less waste during construction. Modular buildings can continue to be reused for different purposes, or they can be deconstructed and the materials can be recycled. Because many modular buildings have been built so recently, even pre-owned modular buildings are often built to better environmental standards than more traditional structures.

    3. Convenient

    Leasing a modular building can be a convenient and flexible option with no long-term commitment required. Modular buildings can often be leased for several months or years, or they can be leased to own. You can also lease your modular building fully furnished through our Mobile Modular Plus services.

    4. Customizable

    Modular buildings are customizable and can be placed next to and on top of each other to create just the right amount of space for your needs. A modular building can stand alone or can be used for additional space when added to an existing building. The exterior and interior design of the modular building can also be fully customized to meet a company’s unique needs.

    5. Quick Occupancy

    Modular buildings are pre-constructed in an off-site factory, and once they are brought to the site, they can be occupied quickly. A modular unit can come fully outfitted with everything you need to move in, including ADA-compliant handicap restrooms and full data connectivity availability. With Mobile Modular, someone can occupy a modular building within weeks or even days of delivery.

    Leasing A Modular Building

    Used Modular Buildings

    Choosing a used modular building is convenient and cost-effective. Some common types of used modular buildings in Mobile Modular’s inventory include:

    • Modular offices: Modular offices are available in several different sizes and are wired for full data connectivity, include a handicap accessible bathroom, and can be easily relocated for temporary space.

    • Modular pro-shop building: A modular pro-shop building includes important rooms such as a kitchen, dining room, restrooms, and storage space. This type of building is often used at golf courses, restaurants, and country clubs.

    • Modular school space: Used modular classrooms are an excellent option for schools that need more space fast.

    • Modular cafeteria: A modular cafeteria includes a kitchen, spacious dining hall, and storage room. These are commonly used by wedding venues, schools, military branches, and government organizations.

    • Modular restrooms: These buildings come in various sizes and designs and include handicap-accessible stalls. Modular restrooms are often temporarily used during construction or maintenance to the main facilities restrooms.

    Temporary Modular Buildings

    Temporary modular buildings are ideal for many different situations such as during construction on the main facility, when there is an urgent need for additional space, or during a special event or project. A temporary lease typically involves less than five years. Some popular types of temporary modular buildings include:

    • Modular offices: Temporary modular offices can offer a transition space for employees to work during a company move and to handle overflow.

    • Modular classrooms and dormitories: During an ongoing school construction project, modular classrooms and dormitories are the perfect temporary solution.

    • Modular healthcare facilities: Temporary modular healthcare facilities offer a space to treat patients when hospitals are facing overcrowding during emergency situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Modular job site trailers: Temporary modular job site buildings can offer office space to those who are working on construction sites and other temporary projects.

    Permanent Modular Buildings

    Permanent modular buildings often involve quicker and more affordable construction than traditional buildings. Permanent modular buildings are long-lasting and highly customizable to meet someone’s needs. Some common types of permanent modular buildings include:

    • Modular classrooms: Modular classrooms can offer permanent solutions to schools that need additional space. Mobile Modular classrooms have been used as elementary schools and school program expansions.

    • Modular offices: Permanent modular offices can give a company more space without undergoing construction.

    • Modular healthcare facilities: Permanent modular healthcare facilities might be used for medical offices, diagnostic imaging suites, and dialysis facilities.

    Leasing Options

    At Mobile Modular, there are several leasing options to choose from, including:

    • Short-term: Short-term leases offer more flexibility and can be effective for a few months or years.

    • Long-term: Long-term leasing options typically last between two and five years. However, we also offer lengthier leases as well as indefinite leases.

    • Lease-to-own: Modular buildings can be rented and bought out at the end of the lease term. Buying might be a more cost-effective option for those who need a modular space for over five years.

    Why Choose Mobile Modular

    Mobile Modular offers modular buildings in the form of classrooms, healthcare facilities, religious facilities, offices, government buildings, and more. Modular buildings can be fully customized depending on the amount of space and features you need. Whether it’s for short-term occupancy or something more permanent, Mobile Modular has a modular building solution for you. Contact Mobile Modular to learn more.

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