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    March 20, 2023

    Why Invest in Modular Office Space? | Mobile Modular

    Companies want an alternative to traditional office space that has the same quality and all the modern amenities. A rising number of companies are starting to see that modular office spaces are the future of commercial real estate. At Mobile Modular, we can work with you to create a custom modular office perfect for your business.

    Benefits Of Modular Office Buildings

    Create A Custom Modular Office

    The ability to create a unique office space comes with many advantages. Design a floor plan that works best for your employees’ needs, prioritizing private offices or collaborative meeting areas as needed. Small details, such as knowing your kitchen area should be far away from the conference room to avoid noise distractions, are what will make working in your custom modular office a breeze.

    Pay Less For More Office Space

    Modular construction is less wasteful and more efficient than traditional construction, translating to savings for our customers. Get more bang for your buck, including more office space and better amenities, when you choose to buy or lease a modular office space instead of a standard office building. This leaves room for individual offices and for future employees to have a workspace as your company grows.

    Custom office buildings built with traditional construction methods are often prohibitively expensive. Purchasing a custom modular office space is an affordable alternative that will fit plenty of companies’ budgets. If you’re unsure whether custom modular offices are a budget-friendly solution, we can offer you a quote on your conceptual modular office building project.

    Buy or Rent Modular Office Furniture

    Our Plus Add-on Services & Accessories solutions provide business owners with quality office furniture. Enjoy the convenience of getting your modular office space and office furniture from the same reliable source, allowing you to focus on other logistics required for your office move.

    Plus Add-on Services & Accessories office furniture has a variety of items available to fill your office building, including storage and filing cabinets, water holding tanks, desks and workstations, cubicles, conference tables, and office seating. We also offer office Sanitation Services for those who don’t want to outsource cleaning services or do the cleaning themselves.

    Need an ADA-compliant workspace? Plus Add-on Services & Accessories also offers a variety of accessibility features, including prefabricated canopies, staircases, and building ramps. Employees and clients with accessibility needs will be welcomed in your modular office space with this simple gesture. Our team can quickly install accessibility features when we install your modular office building.

    Add Expansions Easily

    Modular office buildings can be easily connected together, allowing for simple expansion. When business is booming and you experience staff growth, your company can easily add new rooms and expanded office space rather than enduring the hassle of packing up and relocating to a new workspace.

    Enjoy Your Office Sooner

    The assembly line we use in our modular construction techniques is incredibly efficient, allowing us to produce more buildings in less time. The time it takes for construction, delivery, and installation is faster than the time for traditional construction alone. If you need an office quickly, we can get the job done on shorter notice, so you can get settled into your new modular office space.

    Use Eco-friendly Construction Methods

    When you work with a modular building company, you’re opting for an environmentally friendly construction method that produces less waste than traditional construction. Because we create our modules in a factory, we’re able to redistribute and make use of almost all materials, and there aren’t materials left over at the site of installation.

    New And Used Modular Offices For Sale And Lease

    Used Modular Offices

    Used modular office rentals are a savvy way to save money within your company’s budget. Pre-owned modular office buildings are more affordable than new ones because they’ve already been built and are being reused. Choosing modular offices from our existing inventory means you can get your office building even more quickly because there’s no need to wait for construction time. Our team can ship it to you immediately.

    New Modular Offices

    With a new modular office building, you get a product that is entirely your own. Creating a custom modular office allows you to implement your company’s specific needs in the design process. If you need more bathroom areas built or a staff break room with a kitchen area, we can make that happen.

    Temporary Vs. Permanent Modular Office Spaces

    Temporary Modular Office Buildings

    When you need a transitional space to work in while your new office is being constructed, temporary modular office spaces are the perfect solution. They are also ideal for those who need a temporary workspace during the rebuilding process after a natural disaster. Temporary modular office buildings are low-commitment and can easily be transported to a new plot of land.

    Permanent Modular Office Buildings

    With permanent modular office space, a foundation is used to secure the building to the designated site it is placed on. For companies who want a long-term solution, a permanent office structure is a worthwhile investment. You can even resell the property if you ever decide to move, as modular properties are in high demand.

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