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Modular Classrooms and Portable School Buildings in Georgia

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Modular Classrooms for Rent, Lease or Sale in Georgia

There are over 2,300 schools across the state of Georgia that caters to over 1.7 million students, and it is safe to say that schools in Georgia are in need of expansion.

Portable classrooms in Georgia can solve the problem of this space crunch. Mobile Modular offers portable classrooms in Georgia depending on your specific needs and budget. Our modular classrooms can be used to help provide a more efficient learning space that can allow students to nurture their talents and expand their education. Our modular solutions for educational systems include:

  • Administrative Offices
  • Relocatable Classrooms
  • Science Labs
  • Preschool
  • Teacher Resource Centers
  • Restroom Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Cafeterias
  • Kindergarten
  • Book Stores
  • Computer Labs

Built with commercial grade materials, high performance insulation, energy efficient T-8 lighting, and an intelligent energy management system featuring automatic temperature control, humidity and fresh air controls, as well as a CO2 monitor, you can be sure that our portable classrooms for Georgia are safe, contemporary, and environmentally friendly. The flexibility of modular construction also allows you to increase or decrease classroom space as you please, and these changes can be made rapidly to ensure minimal disruption.

We extend our services across various regions in Georgia. Given that the major districts in the state, including Columbus (with 202,824 residents), Atlanta (with over 447,891 residents) and Augusta (with over 197,872 residents) are growing in terms of population (and correspondingly, the number of student enrollments in public and private schools), we understand and cater to this need by delivering customized temporary and permanent classroom solutions and modular school buildings for rent or sale based on our clients' requirements.

What's more, modular construction is quick, safe and doesn't disturb the environment around it.

Wish to learn more about modular school buildings in Georgia? Get a quote today.

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