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Modular Classrooms for Rent, Lease or Sale in North Carolina

In 2015-16, around 1.46 million students were enrolled in 2,433 public schools - across North Carolina. By 2018-19, the number of enrollments of students increased by nearly 92,000, making North Carolina the ninth largest school system in the US. The number of schools, teachers and administrative staff also increased, leading to a growing demand for building space. Additionally, the number of charter school enrollments has also seen an upward trend in the last few years.

Traditional buildings that use brick and concrete take a lot of time to build. Schools are not in session for a short period of time during the year, and this amount of time is often not sufficient to get new buildings up and running. They also require construction staff to work on-site, which could make the environment unsafe for students and cause unwanted disturbance. Any mistakes in planning, designing or construction, and the consequent re-work could lead to heavy losses in terms of cost and time.

Mobile Modular can provide modular classrooms in North Carolina that are quickly constructed and completely customized to your needs in a controlled factory environment. We also offer budget-friendly used mobile classrooms and used portable school buildings for sale or rent for all your temporary space needs. For many buildings we offer recycled glue-less carpet tiles that are 100% non-toxic; rendering them the perfect flooring choice for any room that caters to children.

Mobile Modular also offers education complexes designed to your requirements. Our education complexes are of the same quality as a stand-alone classroom.

Our modular buildings for education institutions can be used for:

  • Classrooms
  • Administrative offices
  • Teacher staff rooms
  • Buildings for special events
  • Kindergarten classrooms
  • Laboratories
  • Washrooms and locker rooms

Mobile Modular's Campus Maker Hybrid™ offers students and teachers the superior learning environment that's demanded in the industry today. These classrooms:

  • Save energy by up to 50% with highly efficient and intelligent energy management system.
  • Help in better land utilization - up to 33%, over traditional classrooms with a side-by-side design.
  • Reduce operating expenses significantly with their ability to set lower on the ground.

Our Campus Maker ModPod® Complex provides a flexible solution for today's rapidly evolving educational needs including shifting demographics, fluctuating school enrollments and changing expectations.

They offer:

  • Expandable and retractable designs with a variety of configurations – making it adaptable to different enrollment options.
  • Tangible savings - by significantly reducing the length of plumbing and electrical connections, utility runs, stairs, walkways and access ramps through innovative side-by-side classroom installation.
  • Safety features - the Campus Maker ModPod ensures the safety and security of students and staff, and can be equipped with optional alarms and more for additional safety features.

Why Mobile Modular?

  • Cost-effective and on-time delivery
  • Our buildings can be customized with skirting, foundation systems, ramps, decks, stairs, furniture, utility connections, cabinets, canopies, fire sprinklers and custom rooflines
  • Our team of engineers, architects and technicians will make sure that you get support at every step for building construction, including fittings and other customizations
  • We have years of experience in modular buildings and have successfully delivered products to customers in North Carolina since 2007
  • When you rent modular buildings from us, you get a 30-day billing cycle compared to the usual 28-day billing cycle
  • Our building designs and process of commissioning, maintenance and operations are compliant with the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Whether you want portable classrooms to rent or purchase in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro or any other city in North Carolina, Mobile Modular is your best bet. We have a solution for every kind of budget.

Read our FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions about modular classrooms and school buildings.

Check out photos of our completed projects for various schools in North Carolina.

Want more information about what we offer? Request a quote today or call us at 800-819-1084

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