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It is evident that the student population is growing, and schools need more space to accommodate new enrollments. According to the South Carolina Department of Education, the number of students enrolled in public schools in South Carolina increased by three percent from 2014 to 2019, which amounts to over 20 thousand new enrollments. However, schools only have a few short breaks throughout the year to expand to meet growing enrollment needs.

Why choose modular school buildings in South Carolina?

Set up new or rental Mobile Modular portable classrooms as a part of a new modular education complex or to construct a completely new school in only a few weeks. Modular buildings are built in an off-site facility and delivered in pieces to assemble on site. Each unit is precisely tailored to your requirements, with options that include:

  • Fully functional buildings with electrical fittings, washrooms, drainage and plumbing
  • Customized with lights, furniture, shelves, partitions and stairs

Used portable classrooms for sale in South Carolina can serve multiple needs such as classrooms, libraries, washrooms, meeting rooms for teachers, labs, cafeterias, and more. Each modular building can be used as a standalone unit or stacked with other units to make a modular campus. Choose from our standard designs - Campus Maker Hybrid portable classroom and Campus Maker ModPod modular classroom - or customize your own.

Mobile Modular's Campus Maker Hybrid offers a great option for environment friendly portable classrooms in South Carolina. These modular school buildings for the 21st century significantly –

  • Save up to 50 percent of energy with:
    1. A highly efficient HVAC unit
    2. An intelligent energy management system that automatically learns and memorizes occupation patterns
  • Utilize 33 percent more land over traditional portable classrooms with innovative designs
  • Reduce operating cost with lower floor height

Our revolutionary Campus Maker ModPod offers a reusable and sustainable learning environment that is best suited for today's fluctuating school enrollment, shifting demographics and changing expectations. The Campus Maker ModPod is designed to deliver energy efficient, secure building designs adaptable to various enrollment needs. These offer -

  • Optimum flexibility with an easy-to-reconfigure wide range of options of expandable and retractable configurations
  • Innovative design that dramatically reduces the length of electrical and plumbing connections, utility runs, walkways, stairs and access ramps
  • Ultimate safety and security with built-in and additional features

Mobile Modular offers a range of options for school expansion and construction – from portable classrooms for rent or sale in South Carolina to prefab school buildings. We are more than happy to customize our modules based on the needs of our clients, whether they are based in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, or any of the other rapidly expanding cities in the state.

For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions ,call us at or 800-819-1084 or request a quote today.

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