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5,760 sq. ft.

21 Days


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Large Science Organization Quickly Adds Unique Office Space

Mobile Modular delivers innovative, flexible modular space for a fast-tracked federal government project.


Greenbelt, MD – A large science organization needed extra office space to support the expansion of one of its programs. Fast-tracked with the federal government, the new project presented the agency with a short deadline—just a couple of months—to acquire new and modernized office space suitable for the team’s needs.

Construction required the demolition of a circa-1970’s modular four-floor complex already on site, followed by the design and installation of a new eight-floor building that included access via ADA-compliant ramps and decks. The interior of the new building would need to include cubicle space in a specific, unique layout for team members.


The organization's laboratory is tasked with research, design, and scientific innovation most vital to the agency's science programs. To support a new effort, it received modern modular space to house the team’s 30 scientists and administrative personnel.

Both before and after the award of the building contract, Mobile Modular’s Mid-Atlantic team met with agency officials many times to ascertain and address the specific workspace needs. The new plan included an eight-floor, state-of-the-art modular building system and a structure incorporating "clear span" beams that would cross the building length and allow available workspace to be reconfigured as needed in the future.

A properly planned demolition and debris clearing were followed by an efficient installation of the new modular building, designed per customer specification to utilize land occupied by the original modular unit. To accommodate the required specific cubicle layout, Mobile Modular designed the building with "clear span" beams, eliminating the need for interior load bearing walls or posts.

Mobile Modular’s attention to detail and exceptional response rate allowed this large science organization to quickly transition its personnel to a modern energy-efficient prefabricated building that exceeded all expectations.

"From start to finish, Mobile Modular was able to make this project run very smoothly. The salespeople were very knowledgeable and were able to meet all our requirements, even as they changed. The demolition and installation processes were completed within a very aggressive schedule, and the final product is a beautiful modular office space built exactly to our specifications."

-Rachel O. - Acquisition Specialist

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