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County of San Mateo, CA, Iron Construction, and LifeMoves

7 days

Buildings to give the homeless a safe, clean refuge during the shelter-in-place order

Mobile Modular Assists in Providing Immediate Housing For the Homeless

COVID-19: Responding To a Community in Need


During any type of crisis, it’s society’s most vulnerable who are put at greatest risk. The current shelter-in-place mandate has been a huge adjustment for all, but for those without a home, it’s an impossibility. So, when Angelina Arevalo from Iron Construction reached out to Mobile Modular requesting portable units to house the homeless in the San Jose area, we immediately jumped into action.

The Timeline

The Mobile Modular team went to work right away after the initial call on March 17, sending over a selection of portable unit sizes that were available for immediate delivery. Two days later, Iron Construction confirmed the sizes and quantities needed, and after a site visit on March 20, we prepped the buildings for shipping.


While reviewing the site with County of San Mateo rep Tory Newman, two problems became evident: the site itself was not level nor was it accessible via normal truck delivery. We determined that a forklift would be necessary for delivery and promptly notified the customer of the additional charges, and had a change order approved the same day. Additionally, the site review for this project was also crucial because we were able to determine the exact size of custom piers that would be needed.

The Solution

Once the units were fully prepped, we successfully delivered:

  • Two 24’ x 40’ offices
  • One 12’ x 40’ office
  • Two 12’ x 60’ restroom/shower units

In only a matter of days from start to finish we gave the customer exactly what they needed, solved site-specific issues, and coordinated the installation of ramps -- all done by March 24. Because we were able to react so quickly and had inventory ready to go, we could not only fill an imperative need, but also offer our customer a variety of options to choose from.

We’re Here for You and the Community

Whether you have urgent needs related to the current crisis, or simply want to learn more about which Mobile Modular solution is right for your needs, we’re here to help. To get started, check out the following Mobile Modular tools and resources:

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