Exceptional Modular Buildings For The U.S. Military

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    November 21, 2017

    Exceptional Modular Buildings For The U.S. Military

    It has been our privilege to provide prefab buildings for the United States Armed Forces. Mobile Modular’s space solutions have helped the U.S. Military carry out duties effectively across the country. Check out these two projects.

    1. Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia

    The U.S. Army was renovating the Eisenhower Army Medical Center located at Fort Gordon. The twelfth floor of this facility was home to the hospital’s brain trauma group, tasked with the treatment and rehabilitation of soldiers recuperating with brain injuries from service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    There was an urgent need to expedite the scheduled completion of the medical facilities, which meant that 20 doctors and therapists, 20 nurses, and 10 administrative personnel needed a suitable temporary modular workspace while the twelfth floor was being renovated.

    The Mobile Modular Solution

    Our team worked hard in collaboration with the construction firm Larry Pitman & Associates, to create a building covering 9,000 square feet for use as both medical facilities and office space during the renovation.

    We used energy efficient prefabricated buildings to house temporary medical facilities and office facilities. Our modular building design helped the U.S. Army save a considerable amount of resources, enabling the U.S. Army to continue providing our soldiers with the adequate services that they so well deserve.

    Constructed in just 28 days, the modular buildings contained fully operational medical facilities, twenty offices, and a fully equipped gym.

    2. Marine Base, Quantico, Virginia

    The U.S. Navy was involved in a major $9.9 million renovation of Building 2006, an office building that currently houses administration for the Headquarters and Services Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps. Extensive renovations were expected to take approximately a year, making it necessary to find an alternative workspace for the 300 U.S. Marines that staffed Building 2006.

    The challenge in finding suitable accommodations for the offices was a limited amount of space available on inclined terrain.

    The Mobile Modular Solution

    To minimize disruption to Marine Corps staff, the Mobile Modular team decided to use a combination of different modular buildings, which were set up in three strategic locations surrounding the Building 2006 renovation site.

    We designed, built, and installed 32,256 square feet of modular office space, portable restrooms featuring ADA-accessible ramps, and decking in just 50 days!

    The modular construction project was completed to demanding military grade standards in record time, despite harsh winter conditions. Our work drew praise from Captain Djerf of the United States Marine Corps:

    “When problems arise, Forrester and Mobile Modular have been quite responsive in correcting them. The HVAC systems have proven to be some of the most reliable and effective aboard the base, which is crucial during the summer months in Quantico. Additionally, the lavatory trailers are spacious and easy to keep clean. All told, these structures are serving their purpose quite well.”

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