How to Increase Office Space: Solutions & Considerations

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    March 10, 2024

    How to Increase Office Space: Solutions & Considerations

    If your office is due for an expansion, it’s essential to consider which options are best for your operational needs. Discover what to consider when looking for office space solutions, as well as potential options for allowing your building to grow with your business.

    Signs It’s Time for an Office Space Expansion

    As your business expands and you bring on more employees, you might discover that you're running out of space. Some of the issues you may run into include:

    • Employees sharing desks: One of the most obvious signs that your business has outgrown your current office space is that employees are being made to share workspaces—and starting to feel the claustrophobia that comes with sharing space all day, every day.
    • Overstuffed filing cabinets: If your team’s hanging file folders are busting at the seams with invoices and paperwork, it may be a subtle sign you need a larger space.
    • Cramped break rooms: While it may be a popular place for your employees to take their lunch breaks, your break area shouldn’t necessarily be standing room only.
    • Parking problems: Your office needs enough parking spaces to accommodate all your employees, without using carpools or other solutions. If you don’t have enough parking spots for every person on your team, it may be time to expand.
    • Lack of privacy: Not every employee needs to hear what’s going on when you’re reviewing quarterly reports with your accounting department. If your employees are in a cramped environment or your HR department needs to have difficult conversations inside an office closet, you may need to expand so your business operations aren’t disrupted.

    Solutions for Adding More Office Space

    Adding More Partitions

    If your business lacks space for much-needed conference rooms, additional desks, or private meeting rooms for client visits, additional walls could be an affordable solution. Installing wood paneling or interior walls allows your employees to have extra privacy for doing their best work.

    However, putting up more walls to give your colleagues a bit more privacy doesn’t solve the heart of the issue—square footage. Adding walls can also make your space feel more cramped. Without sound-masking materials, the walls may do little to improve privacy and ultimately further exacerbate the problem

    Enhancing Office Space with Mobile Modular Plus Solutions

    To address these challenges comprehensively, Mobile Modular offers an innovative solution through its Mobile Modular Plus services. This suite of offerings includes furnishings, services, and accessories specifically designed for modular buildings. By leveraging these add-on services, businesses can enhance their modular office spaces efficiently and effectively.

    Mobile Modular Plus solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your project, ensuring that your modular office space is not only expanded but also optimized for functionality and comfort. Whether you're looking to furnish new spaces, enhance privacy with sound-masking materials, or add functional accessories that improve the overall work environment, Mobile Modular Plus services provide a comprehensive approach to upgrading your modular office space.

    By integrating Mobile Modular Plus solutions into your space expansion plans, you can overcome the limitations of square footage and privacy concerns. These services allow for a more strategic approach to office layout and design, ensuring that every square foot of your modular office is utilized to its fullest potential, promoting productivity and employee satisfaction.

    Moving to a New Office

    Another option for providing your employees with additional workspace is to find an office for sale or lease in your area that’s larger than your current space. This also allows you to potentially find options that already have the features you need, such as more restrooms, office areas, conference rooms, or loading docks.

    However, several potential problems come with moving your business, including:

    • Impacts on your employees: Having a commute grow from 10 minutes to 50 minutes overnight can impact employee morale. Drastically changing your team’s commute times can also cause turnover if they’re required to make that drive every day, which is expensive in its own right. 
    • Moving costs: This includes the price of hiring a commercial real estate agent, getting the new permits you need for your operations, closing costs, and security deposits. It also includes hiring movers to help you transport your office furniture to the new building.
    • Operating costs: Larger office spaces require more utility usage. You might also end up paying more in rent and parking accommodations.

    Investing in Modular Office Additions

    Installing a modular office as an addition to your current building can be a great solution for expanding your floor space without uprooting your entire team or making their current space feel claustrophobic.

    Modular construction is more efficient than traditional methods, making it an ideal solution for business owners who want to expand their space quickly while still having a high-quality building that allows them to grow in place.

    Benefits of Modular Office Spaces

    Rapid Turnaround

    Using modular office buildings allows your team to move into a bigger space more quickly than traditional construction methods. Where constructing an addition or wing for your building would normally take months to complete and cause disruptions to your daily operations, our standard modular offices can be ready to use within a matter of weeks.

    This turnkey solution not only allows your team to move into a larger space quickly but also minimizes the amount of potential downtime or interruptions that come with months of construction.

    Easy Installation

    In addition to being available quickly, modular offices are easily installed. They can either be set up adjacent to your existing office buildings or connected to them with relative ease for a fast, easy addition that adds hundreds of square feet to your office space and gives your employees more room to work.


    A new modular building can be customized to fit your specific business needs during an office expansion. In addition to providing standard office space, your modular floor plans can be designed with custom features to suit the needs of your business. Alongside our suite of Mobile Modular Plus add-on services, this makes for a truly customized, bespoke building experience at a fraction of the price of the traditional design-build process.

    Expand Your Office with Modular Solutions

    Ready to expand your office with turnkey, customizable space options? Get a quote from us today, and we’ll help you find the solution that’s best for you.

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