Have You Considered These Factors Before Buying or Renting Office Trailers?

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    April 7, 2016

    Have You Considered These Factors Before Buying or Renting Office Trailers?

    Mobile offices are quickly becoming the go-to option for office spaces today. Office trailers are portable, cheaper to rent/lease or purchase, and are better for the environment. These mobile trailers are being used by several industries like healthcare, education, construction, manufacturing, retail, and government. Maintenance and repairs are generally included in the rentals of mobile trailers making this an even more appealing option for organizations looking to expand their office space.

    However, before you jump head-first into the decision to buy, rent or lease an office trailer, here are some things that you should definitely consider.

    1. Need/Purpose

    The first and most important thing is to be one hundred percent certain about what you will be using the trailer for. Is it for a small home business, a boutique, a bakery or a law firm? What is the key business purpose of the mobile trailer? Everything, including the design, capacity and spacing, will depend on the exact nature of your business.

    2. Duration – Buy, Rent, or Lease? 

    How long will you need the mobile office trailers for? Is it just a temporary space while your office is being built or are you looking to settle your business in a portable office set-up?

    If you are opening a new business, you may want to consider a short-term investment. It may be better to rent a few trailers for a year or two, or even buy used mobile offices that are in great condition. If needed, you can extend the lease or relocate if your space needs are bigger. One of the advantages of portable office trailers is how easily they can be relocated or re-sized to suit your expanding business.

    3. Size and Capacity

    How big is your business/service? How many employees do you have? Do different departments have different space needs? Will the number of employees increase drastically over time? How many conference rooms do you need? Is it the kind of service that entertains clients on site for long spans of time?

    Be sure to pick the right size according to your need. Don’t unnecessarily invest in a large space if you don’t need it. Pick a comfortable size to begin with. You can always expand (should the need arise). Also, don’t try to cram too much into a small space. You don’t want to be dealing with a bunch of unhappy employees and dissatisfied clients. One way to work it out is according to the individual work-space ratio that can range from 135 Usable Square Feet (USF) per person to 325 USF per person, suitable for offices that have a frequent in-flux of clients/visitors.

    4. Furniture and Design

    The kind of furniture and design you want in your office trailer will depend on how you want to design the floor plan. Do you want workstations or built-in cabinets? Or do you need large spacious office rooms? Where do you want a conference room? We can show you floor plan options as well as furniture options that will help you pick and choose what works best for you. If you’re looking at highly customizing the interiors you may want to go for mobile office trailers on sale instead of rentals. We would even recommend buying if you’re planning to use modular offices for more than 3 years to optimize on costs.

    5. Additional Features

    This is an extension of the office design. What additional features do you want in your portable mobile offices? If the appearance of your mobile office is important to you, you can ask for exteriors that include vinyl siding, louvered windows, and shingle roofs. How many bathrooms? Do you need storage space? Are you planning to install central air conditioning? All the plumbing and electric wiring will depend on your requirements. And it all needs to be done before the furniture goes in – so be absolutely sure about your design well in advance.

    6. Expandability

    Most offices tend to expand over time. Some do it gradually, while others double in size even before completing their first year. The key here is to carefully consider the expandability of your mobile offices. At some point or another, you will need additional space so be sure to talk through expandability options before you make any permanent decisions.

    Mobile offices can be set up just about anywhere. They come in different sizes and include an array of attractive flexible and customizable features. Does your organization need more space on a budget? Contact us now or request a quote here.

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