How to Tackle Remote Construction Challenges With Modular Construction

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    November 21, 2016

    How to Tackle Remote Construction Challenges With Modular Construction

    Location is one of the most crucial aspects of any business venture. Proximity to civilization, resources, as well as the availability to transport equipment, labor, goods and materials dictates the cost-efficiency of any construction opportunity. Projects established in remote locations, such as a mining site for natural resources or a farm, present additional challenges. Transport of building materials, equipment, and personnel, can consume valuable time and money.

    To avoid extra expenses and wasted time, one should order custom modular complex solutions. Instead of managing material logistics to set a foundation and building from the ground up, skip a few steps and eliminate many of the challenges.

    Modular complexes are built in a factory and are delivered on-site in nearly complete condition. Once you have the foundation set by the crew on-site, the team will assemble the buildings in less time than it would have taken to complete the project by traditional construction methods. In fact, since Mobile Modular will execute the construction and deployment of the mobile or modular building complexes, you don’t have to worry about any other logistic issues.

    Our construction space solutions are compact, efficient, and extremely versatile. We have modular models that cater to a variety of industries including construction, education, government, industrial, petrochemical, manufacturing, medical, and retail. That’s right! From cafeterias to testing facilities, from modular sales offices to laboratories, we create custom space solutions to meet the needs of each client, no matter the niche.

    Here are some of our industry specific modular options perfectly suited for deployment in remote locations:

    1. Offices – We can construct mobile office spaces for virtually every possible need and requirement. From pre-built standard units readily available for quick deployment in as little as one business day to highly customized creations built per specific requirements.
    2. Healthcare Facilities – Healthcare is important in any industrial environment. We provide a variety of healthcare buildings that are easy to install including:
      • Medical Centers
      • Satellite Clinics
      • Laboratories
      • Physician's Offices
      • Diagnostic Centers
    3. Education – Set up education and training centers with our prefabricated classrooms. We offer options such as:
      • Science Labs
      • Weight Rooms
      • Teacher Resource Centers
      • Libraries
      • Book Stores
      • Computer Labs
    4. Restrooms – No matter where you are, as long as there are employees, restrooms are a necessity. We tackle this problem with our modular restroom solutions. Apart from the standard restrooms, our more advanced offerings include features such as showers, and locker rooms that can cater up to 300 users.

    Never again worry about the remote location of your job site. Mobile Modular has what you need to simplify the construction process and save you time and money. If you haven't worked with modular construction before and are still skeptical, read all about the benefits of going modular.  

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