Modular Construction Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

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    February 17, 2022

    Modular Construction Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

    How to Find the Best Modular Builders Near You

    Are you in need of an incredible modular building? The first step is finding the right builder who can pull off your vision. Modular construction offers an affordable way to create beautiful buildings for all purposes.

    When it comes to building customized modular schools, office buildings, hotels, religious facilities, health care buildings, or housing, Mobile Modular not only provides impeccable, award-winning construction services, but also top-notch customer support that keeps our clients coming back for all of their modular space solutions.

    What is Modular Construction?

    Modular construction is the process of building units off-site in a climate-controlled, factory environment. Once finished, the buildings are delivered to their installation location and assembled in place.

    Modular construction is preferred for many types of construction projects as it cuts back on many site-related costs and issues, offers impeccable building standards and quality, and is overall a more affordable, efficient way to build.

    Types of Modular Construction

    Varieties of modular construction include:

    • New vs. used: While a new modular building may better suit your needs if you’re interested in customizations, at Mobile Modular, we have an extensive fleet of used buildings ready to be shipped out. Because the standard of quality is incredible with modular buildings, they are long-lasting and suited well for reuse. A used building comes at a lower cost and is a great option for those in need of temporary space for their organization.

    • Temporary vs. permanent: Modular buildings can be placed both permanently or temporarily depending on the needs of the consumer.

    • Lease vs. purchase: Our modular buildings are available for both purchase and lease. 

    What to Look For in a Modular Construction Company

    1. Proven Experience

    There are a lot of modular builders out there. To ensure you are receiving the best service, it is important to choose a company with extensive experience in construction projects similar to yours. At Mobile Modular, we have years of experience in many kinds of modular construction, including:

    • Office & commercial modular buildings: Whether you need temporary space for your staff during a building remodel or want a unique, customized modular office or retail space to enjoy for years to come, we can take your work environment to the next level at an affordable cost.
    • Modular buildings for education: A modular school building is a cost-effective way to create more space for staff and students in a growing district. Our modular school buildings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used as libraries, general or music classrooms, overflow portables, labs, or teachers’ lounges.
    • Modular housing: Modular construction is the superior option when it comes to building affordable, attractive temporary or permanent housing. Modular buildings serve many housing purposes, from college dorms to apartments to workforce housing to shelters for unhoused people in low-income areas.
    • Modular buildings for resorts: Due to their ability to be made off-site and their ease of installation, fabulous hotels constructed out of modular buildings are becoming more and more popular.
    • Modular buildings for healthcare: If you’re in need of a testing lab, temporary hospital space, clinic, urgent care, or COVID isolation area, a new or used modular building can be the perfect solution.
    • Modular buildings for the military and government: Modular construction can provide quick, sturdy, secure spaces for all kinds of local, state, and federal governmental needs.
    • Modular buildings for disaster relief: In the event of a natural disaster, temporary modular buildings can provide a safe, clean space for disaster response crews or provide a workspace or housing for affected members of the community.
    • Modular buildings for religious institutions: Whether you’re interested in building a new church or require space during the renovation of your current place of worship, Mobile Modular can help you create a beautiful, welcoming environment you’ll feel excited to visit.

    Explore some of our award-winning projects, including a modular building for hurricane response, a luxury modular resort, and a modular fire station.

    2. Strong Reputation

    When a company has been recognized and awarded for its work in the industry, you know you are receiving the best of the best in craftsmanship. An award-honored builder has the experience, expertise, and passion to bring your unique modular construction dreams to fruition.

    Mobile Modular is proud to have been the recipient of many construction awards over the years, with the most recent being the 1st place in the construction of a permanent modular dormitory from the Modular Building Institute’s 2021 World of Modular Digital Conference and Trade Show.

    Customer Reviews

    While awards are a surefire way to differentiate a good builder from an outstanding one, satisfied customer reviews showcase another important aspect of the construction process: consistently phenomenal customer service. Here are a few kind words from our wonderful clients:

    ★★★★★ From Rick T. “This project has many trials and tribulations and Chris was there every step of the way! Whatever needed to be done to keep the project moving forward, he was willing and able to help. His communication is second to none, answering calls on nights, weekends and holidays! The quality of the building was far superior to other structures we examined.”

    ★★★★★ From Joe B. “Excellent customer service and attention to detail. We were very pleased with the professionalism and product knowledge. The collaboration on our project was absolutely great and we are extremely pleased with the end product.”

    ★★★★★ From Kevin B. “Been doing business with Mobile Modular for nearly 10 years as a public education director. Great product, great service.”

    3. Customization Options

    Modular construction is often customizable. To best fit your needs, a modular building construction company should be willing to offer personalized design features as much as possible to deliver the most client-appropriate build. At Mobile Modular, we see potential challenges as opportunities to deliver unique, functional space solutions, and we are happy to discuss whatever customization ideas you have.

    4. Extensive Inventory

    There are many benefits to working with a company that offers a large inventory of pre-owned modular buildings. Pre-owned buildings are more affordable, making them essential for organizations with a limited budget. Because they are much quicker to deploy than custom builds, refurbished modular buildings take the stress out of situations when extra space is needed ASAP.

    For example, if a school district is experiencing an influx of students but has no additional classrooms to accommodate them, Mobile Modular can provide a used modular classroom for a fraction of the time it would take for a new custom build to arrive. Our fleet of thousands of pre-owned modular buildings has sizes and shapes for all industries and their space requirements.

    5. Transparency

    At Mobile Modular, we handle all of the work when it comes to the pre-planning and actual construction of your building, giving you peace of mind that communication will always be easy and available.

    First, we will sit down with you to discuss your needs, whether that is a pre-owned building or a custom one. If it is the latter, we will work with our construction team to design the beautiful building you’ve been envisioning.

    After getting through the permitting process (which we can help you navigate), it is time to start construction. Our team of skilled tradesmen will create your building with utmost precision in a climate-controlled space. Upon completion, our team will deliver and install your building.

    The only services we outsource to other qualified vendors are related to the site preparation—excavation, foundation, and utility line installation. We have experience locating the best, most cost-friendly contractors for the job in your local area.

    If you’re interested in financing your building, we are happy to help. Mobile Modular has longstanding partnerships with multiple companies that specialize in the financing of modular buildings.

    What Does the Project Cost?

    Don’t worry—there are no surprises here. We know it is important to have a specific cost breakdown prior to beginning the project. Luckily, the regimented process of modular construction allows us to be transparent about all costs, from the duration of labor to delivery and installation. The only costs we cannot fully anticipate are your actual building utility costs, which will vary with location and building size.

    What is the Project Timeline?

    We know you need your building in a timely manner, and we are happy to provide accurate estimates of the project timeline. Utilizing a climate-controlled environment takes away any site-related setbacks, like inclement weather or costs regarding vandalism. As we mentioned previously, a pre-owned modular building will always be more quickly deployed than a new build.

    6. Dedicated Customer Service

    We have extensive experience with working in areas all around the country (and even outside of it!). Because of this, we have a firm understanding of state and local building regulations as well as climate- and weather-related building concerns for your specific region. This is key in modular construction, as each state has different permitting requirements and building regulations that must be followed.

    Strong Company-client Relationship

    It is vitally important to choose a modular construction company you can truly trust and rely on to deliver an incredible product, on time. A good company-client relationship ensures your needs are understood and met, and takes the stress out of the project. This allows for the building process to happen as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    Why Choose Modular Construction?

    There are many benefits of modular construction, including:

    • Faster production timelines: Modular construction can be up to 50% faster than site-built construction.
    • Improved quality: Modular buildings are held to the same code as site-built projects (and often exceed these standards). Climate-controlled construction sites better maintain the integrity of the materials, ensuring your final building is incredibly sturdy, sealed, and long-lasting.
    • Greater savings: Shorter construction time means big savings for you.
    • Greener technology: Our modular buildings (many of which contain recycled materials) are made to be sustainable. We use LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and incredibly insulated windows, saving you money and reducing harm to the environment.
    • Reduced waste: Traditional building sites leave a ton of waste in their wake. Modular construction reduces construction site waste, as the process is much more streamlined and efficient in comparison to site-built projects.
    • Minimized site disruption: Since most of the construction process takes place off-site, the noise pollution and action on-site are greatly reduced. This is hugely beneficial to those in the surrounding area.

    Modular Construction Statistics

    Modular construction has only continued to rise in popularity amongst construction companies. A 2019 article notes that the industry has grown to produce over $8 billion in revenue every year and 69% of general contractors in the northeastern United States use modular components to optimize their projects.

    Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Commercial Building Construction

    Modular construction not only has a significantly quicker turnaround time than traditional construction, but it is also more affordable, more sustainable, less disruptive, less wasteful, and oftentimes completed with better standards of quality.

    If you want to save time and money, are in need of additional space for your team, or live in a region with unpredictable or extreme weather conditions that can cause costly disruptions to an on-site build, modular construction is a no-brainer.

    Work with Mobile Modular

    Our team is full of caring, dedicated, timely professionals, from our informative sales staff to our expert modular building contractors. We understand the need for durable, reliable, visually-appealing space solutions.

    Whether your school needs more space for the growing population or your town was affected by damaging tornadoes that left you in need of somewhere to work, we are here not only to fill that need but also to give you a sustainable space you truly enjoy walking into every day.

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