Prefab Offices 101: The Complete Guide

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    June 9, 2022

    Prefab Offices 101: The Complete Guide

    What Is a Prefabricated Office Building?

    Prefabricated buildings involve pre-made pieces that are constructed off-site. According to UA Builders Group, 84% of detached homes are built using prefab elements. Prefabricated structures can also be combined to form modular offices on the desired site. A modular office building is brought to the installation site almost entirely constructed for either a temporary or permanent solution for businesses in need of more space.
    Companies from various industries can benefit from modular office buildings. Someone might choose a prefabricated modular office building if they need a place to occupy when their main office is under construction or their company is in the process of moving. Prefabricated modular office buildings can also be permanent additions to main buildings, providing more space.

    Learn more about prefab offices in our prefab offices guide.

    Prefab vs. Modular: What Is the Difference?

    Prefab and modular refer to similar concepts. Prefab typically means that something is constructed off-site, with the intent to be put together somewhere else. For example, prefabricated structures can include window panels, walls, staircases, floors, or bathroom pods. A modular building is constructed off-site using these prefabricated pieces, allowing it to be installed onsite with little extra construction work. Therefore, all modular construction is prefabricated, but not all prefab construction is modular.

    Benefits of Prefab Office Buildings

    There are many benefits of using prefab office buildings, including:

    • Cost effective: A prefab office building is often a more cost-effective solution since the pieces are already constructed using a repetitive process in a factory setting.
    • High quality: Prefab construction takes place in an off-site, indoor, climate-controlled factory, ensuring high-quality production. Modular office buildings are typically constructed using steel framing for long-term durability.
    • Sustainable: Prefabricated office buildings can be reused and repurposed for many years to come, or the pieces can be deconstructed and recycled.
    • Convenient: A prefab office building can be constructed quickly since there is less to build from scratch, making it a convenient option with quick turn-around times.

    Types of Prefabricated Modular Office Buildings

    Prefabricated office buildings have a variety of purposes and can be bought or leased depending on your needs. Common types of prefab buildings include:

    • Commercial businesses
    • Industrial campuses/manufacturing plants
    • Schools and classrooms
    • Construction/job sites
    • Disaster and emergency relief
    • Government and military buildings
    • Healthcare buildings
    • Church buildings

    Prefabricated Modular Office Cost

    Prefabricated modular office buildings can be bought or leased. Mobile Modular offers several different payment and leasing options, including:

    • Short-term leasing: A short-term lease can last from one to two years.
    • Long-term leasing: Long-term leasing typically ranges from two to five years, although we offer leases of many lengths, including indefinite leases.

    Mobile Modular will work with you to customize your lease term to ensure that you have your prefabricated modular office for as short or as long as you need.

    Prefab Modular Offices Available to Lease

    Leasing a prefab modular office is a great solution for those who need a temporary space. Temporary prefab modular offices might be beneficial for companies undergoing construction, a move, or a situation where extra space is needed quickly and temporarily.

    Prefab Modular Offices for Sale

    You might consider purchasing a prefab modular office building if you’re looking for a long-term or even permanent space.

    Mobile Modular’s Process

    1. Design

    The design phase is the first part of the modular office building process. Mobile Modular will work with you to develop a custom design for your prefab office building. Depending on your needs, Mobile Modular can design both prefabricated and on-site elements for your modular office building.

    Some factors to consider during the design phase include:

    • The size of the site
    • Which materials are needed
    • Layout and style of the building
    • The type of foundation necessary
    • Time constraints
    • Your budget

    Once a design has been made, Mobile Modular works with a registered government agency to ensure that it meets all local construction codes. The design plans are then sent in for approval before manufacturing can begin.

    2. Fabrication

    The next step in building your modular office is the fabrication phase, also known as the construction phase. Mobile Modular is a licensed general contractor and can handle all of your modular construction needs. This includes building the frame for the modular structure and assembling the base floors, walls, and ceiling. The building is then fitted for electrical and plumbing and any interior design features are added.

    The entire construction process can involve a team of:

    • Carpenters
    • Plumbers
    • Electricians
    • HVAC workers
    • Drywall installers
    • Painters
    • Roofers
    • Welders

    3. Transportation and Installation

    The final step in the process involves transportation and installation of the modular building. The transportation process will depend on certain factors such as the cost of travel, method of travel, distance, and weight of the building. Mobile Modular will take care of your transportation and installation needs, ensuring that all prefab structures arrive safely on-site. Our team will work efficiently to install your modular building so it can be occupied without delay.

    Why Choose Mobile Modular

    Mobile Modular is the number one modular building provider in the United States and has years of experience in the modular building industry, making us a trusted source for all your prefabricated office building needs. Mobile Modular office buildings have supported a number of industries, including education, healthcare, religious facilities, and the government and military.

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