October 6, 2017 by Robby Pedraza
Repurposing Government Buildings: Where Modular Construction Fits In

It is estimated that the US government spends about $1.7 billion dollars every year on nearly 77,000 empty buildings. These empty office buildings, courthouses, parking garages, storage warehouses, hospitals, and other structures lie unused or underutilized across the country.

Federal agencies must move and evolve with the times. Some properties in use 20 or 30 years ago, are no longer relevant because an agency’s mission, approach, structure, or goals have changed. For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs changed their structure from hospital-centered care to clinics and outpatient care. Due to this change, many of their federal properties lie unused. A 132- year-old brick building six blocks away from the White House, once used as a school, has been empty for almost three decades. Its walls are peeling, and it has collapsed ceilings.

However, as government agencies grow will they return to rebuild or renovate their properties?  Revitalizing these old buildings could rejuvenate neighborhoods and cities by creating jobs and offering vital services.

How Can Our Modular Buildings Help?

When renovating or rebuilding, it’s crucial to utilize eco-friendly, sustainable methods, and customizable structures to avoid the new buildings falling out of use. Fortunately, advances in technology allow us to build with recycled materials via modular construction. At Mobile Modular, recycled materials are common elements found in our buildings.

Our modular buildings are a great choice for government construction or renovation projects. We deliver a cost-effective, timely solutions like the modular medical facility we designed, built and installed for the US Army at Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia.

Modular complexes have an advantage over traditionally built structures. When times change, and agencies need to restructure, modular buildings can be quickly modified to meet an organization’s unique requirements. Thinking towards the future, agencies can customize each building to prepare for growth, expansions, and avoid expensive renovations or wasteful demolitions.

Mobile Modular also offers portable administrative offices for rent. This way staff and valuable resources have a comfortable, secure place during the renovation or construction process.

Mobile Modular offers several options for customizable floor plans and exteriors. Request a quote today if you’d like to know more about how modular construction is a reasonable, time-saving, and eco-friendly option for permanent or temporary structures.

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