Why Use Mobile Modular School Buildings?

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    March 26, 2023

    Why Use Mobile Modular School Buildings?

    When planning a school’s construction or expansion, school districts can benefit greatly from alternative construction methods. Modular school buildings are a cost-effective solution that allows flexibility and a wide range of customization possibilities. Whether your school district needs modular classrooms, an administrative office, or a science lab, modular construction companies like Mobile Modular can deliver your building with swiftness and ease.

    Why Modular School Buildings Are a Great Use of a School’s Budget

    School systems need to take care of and consider the needs of many students. Public schools especially find themselves with tight annual budgets. Spending that money wisely is important for providing students with the educational resources they deserve. At times, enrollment numbers fluctuate, leaving schools with inadequate classroom space. School districts can purchase modular school buildings with greater square footage for a lower price than an equivalent stick-built building. This spreads a school’s budget further and provides more space for students’ comfort.

    How Much Do Modular School Buildings Cost?

    Modular school buildings cost significantly less than traditional school buildings with the same design. This is because the efficient process of manufacturing modules in factories results in lowered transportation costs and makes the reuse of materials far easier, minimizing waste. The cost of modular buildings for schools varies based on size, whether they are new or used, customization options, and whether they are leased or purchased. Permanent modular school buildings also may vary in price compared to temporary modular school buildings because the method of installation is different.

    Benefits of Modular Buildings for Schools

    Off-Site Construction

    Students and school staff need peaceful environments to work in. Focusing can be hard when a new building is being constructed next door to classrooms or when expansion work is occurring. The noisiness of construction equipment can be disruptive and distracting. Traditional on-site construction also creates more dust and debris, affecting air quality. Modular construction occurs mostly off-site in factories, so disruption of the school day is minimal, preserving access to parking, athletic fields, and traffic flows for daily pickup and dropoff times, and the on-site installation process is quick and easy.


    Buildings that are used by many individuals, such as schools, need to be able to withstand wear and tear. Many school buildings have been around for decades or centuries, and their outdated construction methods are starting to show with crumbling ceilings and peeling floor tiles. Because modular buildings are made with modern construction techniques and have been proven to be as long-lasting as other buildings, they are an excellent investment for school districts that plan on generations of use. Mobile Modular has a long history of providing buildings to “education” customers. We specify components and finishes that are both durable and low-maintenance, such as modesty partitions, door hardware, and floor coverings built to withstand the school environment.

    Easy Expansion

    Schools often experience sudden growth in their student population. Urban sprawl, population growth, and nearby schools closing down or consolidating cause an increase in enrollment. These new students can’t always fit into the existing dimensions of your school and need to be accommodated with more space. Expansion is easy with modular classroom buildings because modules are designed to fit together seamlessly. Your modular school building can be added onto at any point—a favorite of charter schools in particular since it allows them to grow in phases.

    Uses for Modular School Buildings

    Modular Classrooms

    Schools can use modular classrooms to provide students with a well-insulated and safe environment to learn. Entire school complexes can be created with modular classroom buildings. Mobile Modular can work with your district to create custom modular schools with floor plans that suit the needs of your students. Easy navigation is important when getting from class to class, and you can design a model that’s not overwhelming for new students.

    Modular Dormitories for Students

    Private educational institutions like prep schools, charter schools, colleges, and universities can use modular buildings for student housing. Modular dormitories house students comfortably and can be designed with as many private rooms and bathrooms as you like, as well as shared space for laundry, kitchenette, and social gatherings.

    Modular Sports Buildings

    Schools can use modular sports buildings for their recreational athletic programs as well as physical education classes. Modular concession buildings can be used to sell snacks during football games, outdoor dances, and other events. Sports equipment storage buildings and weight rooms for schools can also be made with modular construction techniques.

    Modular Cafeteria Buildings

    Modular school construction can include primary or secondary cafeteria buildings. Many schools split up lunches into two separate times to accommodate all their students. Rather than having first and second lunch times, schools can create a secondary location for students to eat with modular cafeterias.

    Modular Administrative Offices

    Principals, teachers, and administrative workers can enjoy high-security modular workspaces with all the same amenities that traditional school offices offer. Schools can order modular office complexes, private offices, or coworking spaces with individual cubicles.

    Custom Modular School Buildings

    One of the best parts of using modular school buildings is that they’re endlessly customizable. Get the right space for your next computer lab, art studio, or music class. Use your modular school building as a nurse’s office or on-site health clinic. Whatever your school’s needs, Mobile Modular has the right modular building for you.

    Temporary and Permanent Modular School Buildings

    Permanent Modular School Buildings

    For school districts that plan on implementing their modular schools long-term, permanent modular school buildings are best. Anchored to a concrete foundation or one of similar strength, permanent modular buildings for schools are firmly secured to the ground and are not intended to be relocated.

    Temporary Modular School Buildings

    Modular school buildings can also be used as a swing space for temporary purposes. Scenarios such as building reconstruction, mold removal, fumigation, and other instances call for immediate but temporary construction solutions. Our fleet of modular classrooms and other school buildings can be quickly deployed during natural disaster relief or after an unexpected shutdown, then promptly returned after the lease term is over. Educational institutions highly involved in research, such as universities, can also use temporary modular school buildings as work sites while their students and faculty conduct field research. The temporary buildings can be relocated after a project is complete. You can even add temporary dorms to provide onsite lodging.

    Get Furniture for Your Modular Schools

    Want your modular school building and modular classroom furniture all from one convenient source? Mobile Modular’s Plus line offers essential classroom items delivered alongside your building. Student chairs and desks as well as teacher desks are available for purchase or lease. We also offer sound masking technology to keep students focused and cleaning concierge services.

    Order Mobile Modular Buildings for Schools

    Ready to see what custom modular school construction can do for your district? Reach out to our team at Mobile Modular for a quote on the cost of your future project. Whether you need modular classroom buildings, offices, or another building type, we can supply the modular buildings you need. Browse our inventory to see available modular schools and classrooms.

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