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In 2014, Florida public schools had 2.7 million students enrolled. There has been a projected rise to 2.95 million K-12 students by the fall of 2022, with an average annual increase of 0.85% beginning in the fall of 2018. This shows an increase of approximately 250 thousand enrollments in just eight years. With this growth trajectory, existing schools will need more space to accommodate the continuous rise of student enrollments.

*This data reflects figures from public schools only.

Modular portable classrooms and pre-fabricated school buildings in Florida are a great alternative. Modular buildings are built off-site in a highly controlled environment, while foundations are prepared for each unit, significantly cutting construction time.

Are Modular School Buildings Customizable?

Modular school buildings are highly customizable and can be used to make science labs, administrative offices, book stores, libraries, cafeterias, computer labs, exercise rooms, restrooms, kindergarten classrooms and more. Each classroom is a fully functional unit with power connections and electrical wiring for use as a standalone unit or side stacked in conjunction with other units.

Modular Classroom Buildings in Florida by Mobile Modular

Mobile Modular offers modular school buildings in Florida that are quick to construct, can adapt to any kind of budget, and can be installed without interrupting the school routine. Check out our standard designs offered above.

Our Campus Maker Eco Modular Classrooms offer a superior learning environment along with significant savings in terms of money, energy and land. These classrooms are:

  • Readily available - Our portable classroom buildings are available for lease in Florida and are compliant with 2012 energy efficiencies and structural requirements according to the Florida Building Code (FBC), including 2014 supplements.
  • Energy compliant – Mobile Modular's Campus Maker Eco reduces energy consumption by as much as 38% with a highly efficient HVAC system, EPDM roof and low insulated windows.
  • Convenient – Our portable classroom buildings have building set capabilities that offer innovative interior and exterior features and eliminate the need of stairs or ramps.

Get portable classroom solutions for rent or lease, or purchase used modular classrooms to meet the challenges posed by fluctuating enrollments, escalating class sizes and limited budgets.

Mobile Modular offers a well-maintained fleet of modular classroom solutions in Florida. Whether you are an institution based in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa or any of the other rapidly expanding educational hubs in Florida, we offer education solutions based on your specific needs.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn about the information and specifications of our modular buildings, manufacturing and safety standards, cost and more.

For more information, call us at 800-819-1084 or request a quote today.

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