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Rent, Lease or Buy Modular Buildings in Washington

Mobile Modular offers comprehensive modular buildings plus additional solutions in Washington:

Find Washington Modular Buildings Near You

We’re proud to offer services to cities throughout the state, including:

Richland, WA
2699 1st Street, Richland, WA 99354
Sales: 509-321-4683
Service: 855-580-7150
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Seattle, WA
885 Valentine Avenue SE, Pacific, WA 98047
Sales: 253-236-0652
Service: 855-580-7150
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Spokane, WA
11120 West Sunset, Hwy 2, Airway Heights, WA 99001
Sales: 253-409-2852
Service: 855-580-7150
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Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Utah

Lease or Purchase Modular Buildings in Washington State

With our extensive range of high-quality modular solutions, we offer a seamless and efficient process, whether you're seeking temporary space for education or a permanent solution for a growing business, we have a solution. Our buildings are designed to meet diverse needs, from classrooms and offices to healthcare facilities and more.

Our in-house experts bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that your modular building is tailored to your specific requirements. With a proven track record of successful projects across different industries, we guarantee exceptional quality and service. Contact us to get a quote and experience the excellence of Mobile Modular in Washington State.

Modular Buildings in Washington

  • Education

  • Construction

  • Medical

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Disaster & Emergency Response

  • Religious Organizations

  • Food Service


Classrooms are one of the most popular uses for modular school buildings, but they can be used for a wide range of other uses as well. Modular classrooms provide an affordable and flexible solution for Washington school districts that are considering their options. They can expand buildings that are accepting more students due to consolidation, or provide temporary classroom space for students while facilities are being renovated.
Education Exterior Education Interior
Building Types Available


Our construction trailers are spacious and can be designed and furnished with the features that companies need for their job sites. We also provide modular storage units that allow employees to lock up and secure their equipment.
Construction Exterior Construction Interior
Building Types Available


Modular buildings can provide clean and secure spaces for hospitals to quickly expand their capacity. Mobile Modular has provided permanent and temporary modular buildings to serve as imaging rooms, clinics, trauma centers, and more. The flexibility and customization options of Mobile Modular’s buildings allow us to offer a wide range of medical buildings, such as veterinarian clinics, dental offices, and pharmacies.
Medical Exterior Medical Interior
Building Types Available
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Satellite Clinics
  • Laboratory Buildings
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Treatment Centers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Custom Modular Buildings


The state of Washington is home to several military posts, including Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Fairchild Air Force Base, naval air stations and bases, and facilities for the U.S. Coast Guard. Government agencies and military branches can take advantage of Mobile Modular’s security features for their buildings, including security screens for windows, steel bars for doors, sound masking, and a range of locks. Mobile Modular has provided modular offices, EMS and fire stations, post offices, and meeting halls for government and military purposes.
Government Exterior Government Interior
Building Types Available


Mobile Modular offers tailored solutions to the manufacturing industry in Washington, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our modular buildings can be customized to serve as clean and secure control rooms, laboratories, quality assurance spaces, and administrative offices, providing the ideal environment for your manufacturing operations. The flexibility of our buildings allows for quick expansion or reconfiguration to accommodate changing needs, ensuring your facility can adapt to fluctuations in production.
Manufacturing Exterior Manufacturing Interior
Building Types Available


As many Washington businesses find out what workspaces look like after COVID-19, modular offices can provide both flexibility and affordability. Mobile Modular offers flexible leases on temporary offices and great financing options for new purchases. We can create single-office buildings or entire complexes, depending on your needs.
Industrial Exterior Industrial Interior
Building Types Available


Modular buildings are popular as showrooms, convenience stores, clubhouses, and hunting and fishing shops. Our portable retail buildings are also popular with retailers looking to move and store their products.
Retail Exterior Retail Interior
Building Types Available
  • Sales Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Drive Thru Cafes
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Showrooms
  • Custom Modular Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Offices

Disaster & Emergency Response

Washington state is at risk of several natural disasters, including severe floods, blizzards, wildfires, and volcanic eruptions. Modular buildings can provide offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, and other essential spaces for clean-up and construction crews in the wake of natural disasters. They can also serve as swing spaces to allow people to continue to congregate and work until things can go back to normal.
Disaster & Emergency Response Exterior Disaster & Emergency Response Interior
Building Types Available

Religious Organizations

The people of Washington need comfortable and affordable places to worship and congregate. Many religious organizations use modular buildings as houses of worship, dining halls, daycares, classrooms, administrative offices, and meeting rooms.
Religious Organizations Exterior Religious Organizations Interior
Building Types Available

Food Service

In Washington, Mobile Modular can provide comprehensive solutions for the food service industry, catering to the diverse needs of restaurants, cafés, catering businesses, and food vendors. Our modular buildings can serve as temporary or permanent kitchen spaces, dining areas, and concession stands. Our modular structures can be equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, ample storage, and comfortable dining facilities, ensuring a seamless workflow and a pleasant experience for both staff and customers.

Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Get Mobile Modular Plus Add-Ons for Your Modular Buildings

Mobile Modular Plus provides everything you need to complete your modular building. We offer the accessories, add-ons, and site-related services you need to complete your modular workspace and use it immediately.

Contact us today to request a quote for your modular building accessories.

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Why Choose Mobile Modular?

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

We offer a quick quoting process and 24-hour turnaround for modular buildings.

In-House Expertise

In-House Expertise

Our in-house technicians are experts in installing modular buildings of all types.

Proven Experience

Proven Experience

We have over 40 years of experience working on projects across multiple industries.

Portable Buildings Made for Washington State

Built to Last in Washington

Our modular buildings are made with superior materials by experienced craftsmen. They are durable enough to withstand the constant Washington rains while being resistant to mold or mildew. They also have excellent heating and cooling systems to make sure occupants stay comfortable.

Rural & Urban Modular Buildings

The great thing about modular buildings is they can work in almost any environment. The tasteful, modern designs of Mobile Modular’s buildings can blend right into a cityscape or sit comfortably in a rural area. We also offer a range of exterior customization options to ensure new buildings match their surroundings.

Quick-Deploy Buildings for Disaster Response

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, some people just need basic shelter. Government agencies and aid organizations can have portable modular buildings on hand to take to the sites of disaster areas to ensure that people have a place to get warm, use a shower or restroom, eat some food, or get some sleep.

Washington Licensing & Regulations for Modular Construction

All modular buildings that are installed in Washington must be approved by the State Department of Labor & Industries. There may also be additional local ordinances governing the installation of modular buildings depending on your location. The Mobile Modular staff is experienced in working through the approval process in every state and would be happy to help you make sure that everything is set for your modular building.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Washington Case Studies

Holden Mine
Dorms & Workforce Housings Remote Location

Remote Mining Housing Facilities

Mobile Modular Provided Housing and Other Facilities for Workers in a Remote Area Helping in a Mine Cleanup

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between used, leased, and rented modular buildings in Washington?

Mobile Modular offers buildings for both lease and purchase. Leased modular buildings are temporary and must be returned at a predetermined date, making them suitable for shorter-term needs. Purchasing modular buildings in Washington provides a permanent solution, while our rent-to-own option allows for gradual ownership transition, catering to businesses seeking flexibility in Washington’s market.

What's the difference between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings in Washington?

In Washington, it's essential to differentiate between portable, prefabricated, and modular buildings. Portable buildings are designed for easy mobility and self-contained functionality, making them ideal for various temporary needs. Prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, reducing weather-related delays and site costs, which is especially advantageous in Washington’s variable climate.

Modular buildings in Washington are akin to prefabricated structures but are typically assembled in larger modules, allowing for almost complete construction off-site. They can be efficiently transported and adhered to concrete or ABS pad foundations, making them versatile and suitable for a range of Washington applications.

What is a modular trailer in Washington?

A modular trailer in Washington is a pre-built temporary structure suitable for various short-term purposes, such as on construction sites as offices. These modular trailers are specifically designed for flexibility and rapid deployment, catering to the unique space needs of Washington, especially in industries like construction where mobility and quick setup are essential.

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