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Custom Modular Solutions


Your unique project is our quality solution - Mobile Modular offers solutions-based custom designed modular building solutions to meet your specific project requirements. We serve all major industries across the United States.

Our custom modular solutions are built to the same codes using the same materials as conventional construction. Because the building is simultaneously constructed offsite with site preparation, foundation and utilities being installed, the project schedule can be substantially reduced. As your valued partner, we also work closely with your team on design-build projects. Our premium-quality modular buildings offer customers a greener, faster option with less waste. Read our FAQ's to help you figure out if custom building solutions are the right option for you.

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Time saving

Modular buildings are constructed offsite, in a controlled environment; therefore inclement weather does not have an impact. Meanwhile, site preparation is completed therefore total construction time is quicker.


The efficiency of modular construction means less waste and less energy used thus reducing a project’s carbon footprint.


Less site labor equates to less safety risk as the majority of the work is performed in a controlled environment with rigorous safety processes.


With inspections integrated within the building process, modular construction provides consistent quality and eliminates delays due to complications that may arise during a conventionally constructed project.

Site impact

Modular units can arrive on site up to 95% complete therefore limiting impact to site and surrounding areas.


Modular construction utilizes the same materials as conventional construction.

Cost Savings

Off-site labor, production efficiencies and shortened construction schedules are key factors to reducing costs.

Traditional vs. Modular Construction

When comparing a conventionally built construction project timeline of 120 days to modular construction, the potential time savings would be 40 days.

Modular Construction vs Traditional Construction


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By offering a complete solution, we are a one-stop-shop for your growth and expansion needs. We understand the strict timelines and budget constraints you have and pride ourselves on working closely with you to develop plans, establish timetables, and work within your budget to ensure your next project is a success!

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