A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Modular Office Rental

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    June 7, 2023

    A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Modular Office Rental

    Explore the Versatility of Custom Modular Buildings

    Mobile Modular provides affordable, flexible, and convenient ways for businesses, healthcare clinics, schools, and other organizations to expand. Our custom modular buildings offer a unique, comprehensive solution for all industries. As evidenced by our expansive portfolio, we’ve become experts in the field of modular building design and fabrication by constructing custom prefab buildings of all kinds. 

    With Mobile Modular, your vision is our starting point. We’re here to give you everything you need in a functional, modern space—and then some.

    Modular Construction vs. Traditional Construction

    If you’ve never utilized modular buildings before, you may not know that modular construction is on par with, if not superior to, traditional building methods. Modular buildings are designed and constructed to meet the IBC (International Building Code) requirements for commercial buildings, as well as applicable federal and state building codes. They also have several advantages to site-built structures, including:

    • Condensed timeline: If you’re working with a tight timeline, there is no better solution than modular construction. Our process involves constructing modules in an off-site, climate-controlled environment. This streamlined technique maintains the integrity of the materials by keeping them out of the elements during the construction phase, which means there is no possibility of weather-related delays. We know the importance of maintaining a tight schedule—with Mobile Modular, your project will be delivered and installed on time.
    • Increased affordability: Due to its expedited fabrication process (up to 50% faster construction time compared to traditional building methods), and its minimal on-site complications, modular construction presents a more cost-effective alternative for establishing new structures. As a result, you’ll have more in the budget to customize your space to the fullest—no skimping on style or size.
    • Greater flexibility: Modular buildings are the best bang for your buck, and ideal when you need some extra space for months or years to come. We offer both temporary and permanent modular structures, providing a flexible space solution for all situations.

    What Can I Customize on a Modular Building?

    Whatever size and style space you’re searching for, we can build it. With Mobile Modular, get a building that features:

    • Siding materials: We offer a wide range of siding options for you to choose from. Many of our customers chose custom modular buildings from Mobile Modular due to our ability to match new modular add-ons to existing structures.
    • Roofing design and materials: Create an eye-catching exterior that’s as traditional or modern as you desire by choosing a custom site-built roof.
    • Flooring: Admire the entirety of your structure by installing a unique flooring option that’s as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.
    • Floor plans and layouts: Elevate your space to go beyond the bare minimum with custom layouts. If you’re seeking an office expansion to accommodate a growing team, Mobile Modular can create custom modular buildings that seamlessly flow into your current environment.
    • Sizes: We don’t supply simple or boring buildings. Mobile Modular creates outwardly impressive spaces that value both form and functionality. If you need a multi-story building, we’re the supplier for you.
    • More customizations: Mobile Modular is dedicated to creating a space that comes fully ready to use—no need to spend time hiring out work after the building installation. Through Mobile Modular Plus we can add accessibility features, premium security, air filtration systems, and more. If LEED certification is important for your project, a modular building can contribute to that goal with sustainable and energy-saving features.

    Custom Modular Buildings for Every Industry

    Throughout our many years in business, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries. Our goal is for you to be excited to enter your office, classroom, or commercial space. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of our clients and enjoy collaborating on creative, custom construction.

    Custom Modular Office Buildings

    With modular construction, get a dynamic workspace that will stand out from the rest of the block. Whether you’re a new startup with five employees or an established business continuing to grow, Mobile Modular can help design a space suitable for your needs. Our custom modular office buildings can come complete with conference rooms, handicap accessible bathrooms, kitchenettes, break rooms, and more. An affordable, comprehensive office environment is made possible with modular construction.

    Custom Modular Schools

    If your school district is facing an influx of students, and you need space quickly, there is no better option than modular construction. We are able to create beautiful educational spaces within a matter of months, ensuring your staff and students are in an environment that enhances the learning experience. 

    Whether you need a multi-classroom system or a singular studio to use for music class, the Mobile Modular team members are experts at understanding everything a school building needs, from water fountains to reliable air conditioning and lockers. With our turnkey furniture services, your modular classrooms can come fully equipped with desks, chairs, and hand-sanitizing stations.

    Custom Modular Jobsite Trailers

    Get a jobsite trailer as unique as the work you do. Whether you need a temporary multipurpose jobsite trailer or a permanent office that serves as your headquarters on-site, we’re well-versed in delivering and installing modules whenever they’re needed. Our Mobile Modular transportation team has experience delivering modular structures to the most remote of locations. We’re happy to service you wherever you are. 

    Custom Modular Dorms

    Expand your institution’s housing capabilities alongside your growing student population through affordable modular student housing. Creating space for students or work personnel with modular construction means shorter timelines. You can also create additional dorm space over the summer months to prepare for the next academic year.

    Custom Modular Healthcare Buildings

    If you’re providing emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, dentistry, or any other medical service, we can create a space that accommodates everything you need. We are happy to build you a custom modular building that fits all kinds of unique equipment, so you can better serve your community.

    Custom Modular Workforce Housing

    Whether you’re in the market for an attractive, affordable hotel structure to accommodate tourists, or you’re conceptualizing a beautiful new structure for workforce housing, our custom modular buildings are ideal. We’ve installed workforce housing and dormitories across the United States, from an island in the Atlantic Ocean to the remote mountains of Washington state.

    Creating the space you’re envisioning is simple with our process: customize your exact design, minimize on-site construction, and receive your project with a significantly quicker turnaround time than traditional construction could offer. 

    Custom Modular Spaces for Municipalities

    Modular buildings are an ideal fit for a wide range of municipal functions, including dormitories, training centers, and offices for emergency services. We’ve created fully complete fire departments with sleeping quarters and training ranges for police departments. 

    Creative Modular Construction with Mobile Modular

    Culver Duck (Modular Commercial Space): This custom, multi-story and multipurpose space serves as an administrative office for the staff of a duck processing company. It also houses a state-of-the-art kitchen created with the intention of teaching the community how to prepare duck. With stunning finishes inside and out, this project is a testament to the ability to create a beautiful building with modular construction.

    Spelman College (Modular Art Studio): We are here to create a space that suits your specific needs. In this case, Spelman College required a fireproof art studio to serve as a spot for firing ceramic pottery. This multiroom building was quickly assembled and installed in between semesters, becoming a permanent space for students to explore their creativity.

    Winthrop-University Hospital (Modular Trauma Center): Modular construction was the perfect solution for this particular project due to the benefits that come with off-site prefabrication. This busy New York hospital needed a new trauma center to accompany the existing emergency room, but couldn’t afford to have construction take up space on site for too long. We constructed the level one trauma center in our off-site factory and quickly assembled the modules in a way that minimally disrupted traffic. 

    Create Your Modern Modular Structure

    Our team of experts is excited to help you create a custom modular building that suits both your style and needs. Send us a message today to start the process of designing your ideal workspace, classroom, or housing facility.

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