Inside Look: Modular and Portable Classroom Layouts

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    June 5, 2020

    Inside Look: Modular and Portable Classroom Layouts

    Did your school just announce the use of modular or portable classrooms this coming year? If you’re a teacher, your first thought may be how you’re going to design a portable classroom (inside) interior space.

    The classroom is the actual learning environment in which students and staff should feel their spaces are clean, vibrant, and creatively stimulating.

    We’re not educators, so we leave the ultimate decision of what is best for students up to you. Still, we thought we’d share some of our favorite modular and portable classroom interior spaces in case you need some inspiration.

    Permanent Modular Classrooms Vs. Temporary Portable Classrooms

    One important note to acknowledge before we move on is that the modular and portable classroom building industry has a very wide range of available options.

    Portable classrooms can range from your standard, single classroom trailer unit, to multi-story, multi-classroom, high ceiling, semi-permanent structures that are built to last a long time. However, if a school wishes to relocate them, they are dismountable.

    Then we have completely customizable, permanent modular classrooms and schools that have endless possibilities, but are not meant to be moved or relocated. The flexibility of what you are able to do with a classroom rental or lease will depend on the unit you purchase and the supplier you acquire it from.

    Evaluating Modular And Portable Classrooms – See Inside Design

    The following classrooms are meant to act as inspiration for your own educational spaces: 

    Classroom Inside #1: Energy Positive Design

    Perkins Classroom

    This temporary prefabricated classroom unit is part of an energy positive building movement within the modular classroom industry. Exposed natural wood elements as well as the mechanical elements give it a modern design while also using safe materials for the students.

    They do a really nice job here of decorating with fake limbs as well as real plant life to bring nature, and natural colors into the space. 

    We approve!


    Classroom Inside #2: Building For Elementary Students

    Blog Classroom

    This modular classroom space highlights the beauty of customization. It’s ultimate design intention was to increase reading levels/literacy. 

    The sleek natural wood on the walls and ceiling create a modern, European or west-coast feel, while both natural light and unique fixtures establish a vibrant space. 

    We love the multi-functional interior of the room with a playground in the back and the side wall being used for efficient storage. There are relaxed, yet fun seating elements with the puzzle piece seats, and desks and chairs. 

    For a preschool or early elementary classroom, the bright colors really
    draw you in, but the volumetric design of the modular building allows for a
    clean environment feel.

    Classroom Inside #3: Traditional And Space Efficient

    Traditional Classroom

    Our third classroom is meant to show how a more traditional style can be implemented with storage and efficient space in mind, in case you are in a small portable classroom unit this coming year. 

    The instructor incorporates group desk layouts to encourage students to work together. They have also provided an organized storage unit for each group that makes good use of the seating arrangement. 

    Looking at the walls and cabinetry, the shelving, storage bins, and use of slots for storage against the edges of the room make for a great small classroom space solution.

    Additionally, we love the coordination of colors to give a consistent,
    well-organized feel to the space.

    Classroom Inside #4: Variety of Seating

    Classroom Inside Variety of Seating

    While the first few classrooms focused on a slightly younger student environment, we also wanted to provide a couple of examples that might work better for middle school and high school students. 

    The classroom provides a great solution to small spaces by utilizing many different styles of seating. Multiple shaped tables, high and low seating, as well as casual seating can create a feeling of coziness, while giving the opportunity to choose. 

    It seemingly replicates the real world working environments that provide employees multiple spaces depending on the type of work and group meetings they will take part in.

    We also appreciate the use of lamp lighting to add variety to the mood of the environment.

    Classroom Inside #5: Clean And Cozy

    Once again, a room for an older crowd, but that brings a touch of home-style farm life. Don’t be alarmed if this looks familiar to you, as the classroom was featured on HGTV by none other than Chip and Joanna Gaines.

    It provides clean lines with natural wood accented against the white of the shiplap walls. The modern, coffee house shelving as well as the window decor give the standard classroom a great comforting boost.

    Classroom Inside #6: Long And Multi-functional

    Long and Multifunctional Classroom

    This example shows the importance of a multi-functional space in a classroom that is significantly longer than it is wide. This matches the layout ratio of single portable classroom units. 

    In this case, we can tell that the room is designed for older students. Computers and books line the walls to give the center of the room more space, while the length of the room is split into three clear segments. 

    First, we have a group screen/casual space that surrounds the large projector screen; a great way to encourage student cooperation and group learning. 

    Second, we have some common desk space for writing and general work to be accomplished. This space is located in the center of the room. 

    Third, we have a casual seating arrangement using some fun modular furniture placed in a circle around two end/coffee tables.

    Classroom Inside #7: Portable Computer Lab

    Portable Computer Lab

    Most modular or portable classrooms can also be designed and engineered to provide equipment for computer labs and chemistry labs. 

    In this portable lab, we see that the ceiling styles have been customized in black instead of white drop ceiling tiles. 

    Additional electrical outlets have been installed into the floors to ensure all computers can be plugged in. 

    High quality lighting has also been installed so that even with a seemingly small window, the room still provides light. 

    If you’re looking to experience the cost savings of using modular classrooms or portable, temporary classrooms this coming school year. Click the “Get a Quote” button, and one of our modular
    experts will contact you to get your project started.

    Want to learn more about modular classrooms? Check out portable classroom trailers and modular school buildings on our blog.

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