Go-To Solutions When Disaster Strikes

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    November 1, 2021

    Go-To Solutions When Disaster Strikes

    Fast, portable solutions for disaster relief and recovery

    When the Unexpected Happens

    For any sudden event, whether a wildfire, hurricane, pandemic, or humanitarian emergency, modular buildings offer numerous and immediate advantages that make them a go-to solution in those critical moments during and after a natural disaster. They’re scalable, portable, flexible, and can be brought into the field quickly and easily to aid efforts right at ground zero of the crisis.

    When the unexpected happens, modulars are the obvious choice. Far more efficient than traditional stick-built construction, modulars let you completely bypass the arduous process of building a structure on site, exposing materials to the elements, potentially causing delays. Modulars are built entirely offsite then simply delivered, resulting in a vastly accelerated schedule that’s nearly 50 percent faster over traditional construction, saving you time and money.

    When it comes to applications, the possibilities are endless. They’re fully customizable, affordable, and can be used for just about any disaster-related initiative you need or as auxiliary space in order to keep your business running throughout recovery.

    Short- or Long-Term Applications

    In the wake of any disaster, modular buildings can serve a multitude of critical roles, some temporary others more permanent. That’s the beauty of modulars: whether it’s for only a day or two or many months, modulars can be onsite in a snap, up and running, and ready for use in no time. And in the wake of a disaster, every second counts.

    Critical short-term applications can include:

    Onsite disaster relief planning headquarters or offices: Modulars offer a safe, clean administrative space for disaster relief and emergency management teams to meet and strategize.

    Rest area for relief workers: Disaster relief and response frequently require hundreds of personnel working round-the-clock shifts. Modulars give first responders, fire crews, and emergency personnel a safe place to recuperate.

    Restrooms or shower trailers: These can easily be installed to accommodate workers stationed at a disaster site over many days or for those displaced by the disaster.

    Temporary shelters for displaced populations: Ideal for housing those whose homes suffered damage or who simply cannot get to their homes, modulars can be set up in a safe location and provide temporary housing until conditions are safe enough to return.

    Medical response or testing clinics: Whether you need onsite clinics to treat wounded and injured in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe or a clean, safe space in which to perform testing, modulars provide a safe, rapid solution.

    Supply storage: In the wake of a disaster, access to food, water, and medical supplies is critical. Modulars can securely store disaster-relief supplies, keeping them dry and easy to access.

    And of course, in the aftermath of a disaster, there are frequently more long-term or even permanent needs for which modulars are ideal:

    Maintaining business continuity: Whether it’s an office or storefront, if a natural disaster renders your place of business untenable, it doesn’t mean you need to completely abandon operations. Temporary modular buildings help keep your business running throughout the recovery and rebuilding process.

    Education: Bringing in portable modular classrooms can mean the difference between maintaining everyday normal life and massive disruption. Modular classrooms give students a safe space in which to continue their education directly after a disaster and during the recovery process, which in some cases may span many months.

    Low Cost, Enormous Benefits

    The benefits of modular buildings can’t be overstated; especially when it comes to urgent situations following a disaster. For starters, they’re far more cost-effective than traditional construction, for a few reasons:

    • You can rent or lease a new or used modular only for the duration of your recovery efforts
    • Because they are built offsite, costly delays caused by exposure to extreme weather or rough terrain are eliminated
    • Reduces the high costs of materials or labor shortages

    Unlike traditional site-built construction, modulars can be rapidly installed and easily relocated if necessary, even in difficult terrain. They can be transported internationally to remote areas for which regular construction simply wouldn’t be an option. Because they are customizable, you can configure units to meet the unique needs of your situation.

    Plus you can order units with a range of features depending on needs:

    • HVAC units
    • Lighting
    • High-security windows
    • Doors
    • Furniture

    Need Help Now?

    If you’re facing immediate needs, let us know by calling 866-477-2646. Or look at our Disaster Relief page and find modular building options that meet your urgent requirements. Contact us and request a quote today.

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