How Mobile Office Trailers Can Be Used After a Natural Disaster

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    May 22, 2023

    How Mobile Office Trailers Can Be Used After a Natural Disaster

    In the wake of a natural disaster, organizations need a fast and reliable way to set up office spaces for first responders and cleanup and construction crews. Those affected by the disaster will also need swing spaces to continue their work until things return to normal. Mobile office trailers are an ideal solution for providing high-quality, affordable solutions after natural disasters. 

    Who Needs a Portable Office Trailer?

    Mobile office trailers are often used in the aftermath of a variety of natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados, blizzards, or power outages. Their flexibility, longevity, and durability allow them to be used for a wide range of purposes. A portable office trailer can provide space for additional administrative support during a pandemic and later be used by construction crews rebuilding after a fire.

    Municipalities, aid organizations, government agencies, healthcare providers, and other groups can significantly benefit from having a mobile office trailer on hand. They provide a clean, comfortable environment for crews to work just as they would in a traditional, site-built office.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mobile Modular was able to provide a response office to a hospital to help manage overflow in just a few days. We also delivered 14,000 square feet of emergency response swing space to Camp Lejeune in the wake of Hurricane Florence. 

    Mobile Modular Mobile Office Trailers

    Custom Options

    When you buy a new mobile office trailer from Mobile Modular, you’ll have the chance to work with our professional design team to create a building that meets all of your needs. Choose from a wide range of exterior customization options including materials, colors, and more. Interior options include room design, workspaces, flooring, storage, bathrooms, and other features.

    Office cubicles can provide workspaces for cleanup and recovery crews as they plan, communicate, and organize. Conference rooms enable teams to meet in a comfortable location with low sound interference. Additional options such as wall-mounted TVs make it easy for crews to share photographs or give presentations during meetings. Break rooms and rest areas are also great choices for disaster recovery units and are the perfect place to install beverage solutions such as water coolers.

    While only new buildings can be customized, Mobile Modular has a wide range of pre-owned mobile office trailers available for lease. When you reach out to our staff and tell us about your needs, we’ll get to work finding the best option for you from our extensive inventory. 

    Build Quality

    Mobile office trailers from Mobile Modular are built to last with high-quality and durable materials. Each unit is made with the latest in modular building design methods and materials. They also meet requirements set by the International Building Code. Thick insulation in the walls and dependable seals on the doors and windows allow our buildings to retain heat (or keep it out) with efficiency. Every mobile office trailer comes complete with electrical wiring, lights, and an HVAC system. 

    Mobile Modular has created buildings that are used in the Arctic Circle, the Caribbean, and plenty of places in between. Our buildings are made to weather harsh storms and be deployed in both urban and remote environments. Their resilient designs make them perfect for bringing to an area that may still be experiencing the aftereffects of a natural disaster. 


    While our mobile office trailers come standard with basic amenities, we also offer additional furnishing options through Mobile Modular Plus. This service offers leasing options for a number of key office features. Our furniture available through Mobile Modular Plus includes desks, chairs, filing cabinets, lockers, cubicles, whiteboards, TVs, conference tables, moveable walls, and more.

    Additional Mobile Modular Plus features include accessibility options such as exterior canopies and ADA complaint decks, steps, and ramps. Our premium security options include sound masking, window screens, locks, and steel bars for doors. That way, your crews can leave personal possessions, computers, and other valuable items in their office without fear of them being stolen. 

    We also offer sanitation features including automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, water-holding tanks, and waste-holding tanks. They provide a nearby space for crews to get clean during or after work and are especially useful during a pandemic. Mobile Modular’s air filtration system can eliminate a majority of airborne viruses and bacteria, and it can protect workers’ throats and lungs in areas hit by wildfires.

    Mobile Modular Plus also offers generators, temporary fencing, and dumpsters, all of which can be crucial in the wake of a disaster. 

    Mobile Office Trailer Floor Plans

    Mobile Modular has several different sizes available for our mobile office trailers, including those measuring 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14’ in width. Our website contains floor plans and asset sheets for different sizes, as well as some 3D models of our options. Reach out to our staff to learn more about how Mobile Modular can design or find the right mobile office trailer for your disaster response team. 

    Mobile Office Trailers for Sale

    How Much Does a Mobile Office Trailer Cost?

    The cost of a mobile office trailer will vary depending on the design, size, and customization options included in the unit. Mobile Modular offers flexible financing options to our customers, and pre-owned units are available for lease. 

    Mobile Office Trailers for Rent

    Since many natural disasters only occur during certain times of the year, leasing a mobile office trailer may be the best option for your organization. You can rent a unit during hurricane or tornado season, or during the dry season to respond to wildfires. Healthcare facilities may lease a building in preparation for flu season or during a pandemic. 

    Mobile Modular offers a range of leasing options to fit the budgets and timelines of our customers. 

    Other Uses for Mobile Office Trailers

    • Events and entertainment
    • Construction job sites
    • Mining
    • School administration
    • Swing spaces

    Additional Modular Options

    • Medical clinics
    • Classrooms
    • Dormitories
    • Workforce housing
    • Cafeterias
    • Showers
    • Bathrooms
    • Locker rooms
    • Storage

    Start Designing Your Mobile Office Trailer

    Ready to design or choose your mobile office trailer for disaster response? Reach out to our staff to quickly find an affordable option for your business

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