Advantages of Using Modular Buildings for Student Housing

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    February 6, 2020

    Advantages of Using Modular Buildings for Student Housing

    As the demand for education continues to grow, so does the requirement for educational facilities and student housing. This is why Mobile Modular is dedicated to providing a single point of contact for all modular needs. Whether your Mobile Modular buildings are intended for permanent or temporary use, we can craft the perfect student housing solution, offering a range of units: single, double, multi, and custom school complexes.

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    Time Constraints

    In the realm of construction, time constraints can often be a hindrance. However, with modular systems, this is no longer an issue. On average, a modular building can be erected approximately 50% faster than structures built using traditional construction methods. In conventional construction, the process involves laying foundations, erecting walls, adding roofs, and then initiating interior construction. This can sometimes be a lengthy and challenging process.

    The approach with modular design is distinct. Rather than constructing everything on-site, the units are pre-fabricated in an offsite factory while the foundation is being prepared on-site. What's even more advantageous is that the offsite construction encompasses both interior and exterior finishes, even before it's transported to the site. This significantly reduces the time required for interior modifications.

    Potential for Cost Reduction and Extra Revenue

    One of the primary reasons modular buildings are ideal for student housing is their cost-effectiveness compared to structures built using traditional construction methods. The simultaneous offsite and onsite work makes modular solutions faster than their counterparts. Additionally, the streamlined assembly process and reduced wait times for materials further cut down costs.

    Thanks to these cost savings, and the capability to accommodate the same number of students as a conventionally built structure, clients can realize significant savings during the construction phase.

    Turnkey Solutions and Customization

    Mobile Modular buildings are primed for use the moment they're dispatched from the facility. We can construct any structure you require — be it hotels, apartments, offices, classrooms, or schools — through our efficient process.

    The flexibility to design customizable facilities tailored to individual requirements is crucial. That's why Mobile Modular offers specialized modular Design-Build services. Many of our clients are engaged from the outset, allowing our team to collaborate closely with them to conceive a design that resonates with both parties.

    Remote Locations

    Modular buildings stand out due to their adaptability to be erected in remote and challenging locations. Mobile Modular is renowned for crafting exquisite units offsite and transporting them to some of the most inaccessible places globally. This overcomes numerous location challenges, such as extreme cold or snow. If you're grappling with any site-related challenges or tight timelines, consider collaborating with Mobile Modular for the optimal modular solution.

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