Affordable Modular Dorms with Mobile Modular

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    June 21, 2023

    Affordable Modular Dorms with Mobile Modular

    Your students deserve an incredible space to spend their time studying and relaxing. With Mobile Modular, you can provide unique, multi-functional modular student housing accommodations that are as long-lasting as they are affordable. Our custom and pre-owned modular buildings for student housing are available for lease and purchase.

    Modular dorms are prefabricated buildings made in a climate-controlled factory setting before being fully assembled on-site. Modular student housing facilities from Mobile Modular are:

    • Highly customizable: Similar to traditional methods of construction, modular student housing facilities are fully customizable, from materials to layouts. We’ve constructed dormitory complexes complete with everything a college student needs to thrive—spacious suites, student study areas, kitchenettes, community bathrooms, and locker room facilities. Whether you need additional space for five students or fifty, we can help you create a memorable space they will appreciate—and your budget will, too.
    • Extremely durable: Though they are built off-site and assembled after delivery at your location, our modular dorms are constructed with the same standards as site-built projects. With standard maintenance, the typical lifespan of a new, permanent modular structure is more than 50 years. We use the best materials available, protecting your students and your investment.
    • Incredibly affordable: Another major benefit of utilizing modular student housing is affordability. When creating a new structure, you can cut costs with modular construction for a variety of reasons. The streamlined factory process of building modular student housing reduces site-related costs, protects the integrity of materials, and means there will be no weather or site-related setbacks. As a result, we’ll be able to provide you with a better idea of what the final project cost will be—no surprises here.

    Increase Capacity With Versatile Space Solutions

    Whether you need additional living space as soon as possible or want to take your time designing the perfect space to use for years to come, modular dormitories are ideal for all scenarios.

    New Or Preowned Modular Dormitories

    We offer both newly constructed and refurbished buildings for modular student housing. New modular student housing facilities are for those interested in designing a unique space that provides exactly what you need, from the layout to the interior and exterior finishes. New construction is a great option for institutions that want to match their new modular dorms to existing buildings. With the help of the right materials, we can seamlessly blend the two buildings together. While this will come with a larger price tag, new modular buildings from Mobile Modular are unmatched when you have a specific style in mind.

    The more affordable route for student housing is found in our fleet of refurbished modular student housing buildings. While they have been used, they are no less capable of providing students with a clean, safe, and secure space to spend their semester. Used buildings make the most sense when you have a temporary student housing need, need housing as quickly as possible, or are on a strict budget. 

    Permanent Or Temporary Housing For Students

    Mobile Modular’s buildings are the superior space solution for all situations—our offerings are available for lease or purchase. If your current structure is undergoing renovations and you need temporary space for students, or you’re expecting an influx of new students and don’t have time to build a permanent space before they arrive, our temporary student housing rentals are convenient, quick, and affordable. 

    For colleges or universities seeking long-term, affordable student housing, permanently placed modular structures are also possible. Institutions can purchase a new, customized structure or a preowned building. Your permanent building will be placed on a prepared foundation, where it will stay for students to use for years to come.

    What Makes Modular Construction More Affordable?

    • Faster than traditional construction: As a result of being built in a controlled factory environment, modular student housing can be constructed and ready for use much faster than a site-built structure could offer. No need to worry about site-specific setbacks, like inclement weather, or school being in session. You’ll get your modular building delivered when you need it, never later.
    • More efficient than traditional construction: If greener and more sustainable building practices are important to you, modular building is a must. Our ultra-organized process sees less material waste, uses less heavy machinery, and minimizes the need for certain carbon-intensive materials like concrete and steel.
    • Less disruptive of campus sites: The hustle and bustle of a new semester is exciting enough—leave the noisy construction out of it! Modular construction allows for minimal site disruption. Once your modules are made off-site, we’ll need a few days to assemble them, but this will take up significantly less time and space than a traditional construction project would.

    Functional Modular Dorm Room Layouts

    The variety of layouts our design team can create is endless. Whatever your students have been searching for is possible. Your modular dorms can be customized to include:

    • Energy-efficient community or ensuite bathrooms
    • Study rooms
    • Workout rooms and gym facilities (including modular locker rooms)
    • Gaming rooms
    • IT closets
    • Community lounges
    • Kitchenettes

    Previous Modular Student Dormitory Projects

    The Holderness School (Custom, permanent modular dorm): This attractive new dorm building, which was created to house 12 students and one staff member, took advantage of our turnkey furnishing services, simplifying the tasks of university staff once it arrived.

    Sequel Transition Academy (Used, permanent modular student dormitory): This beautiful brick structure was quickly located, delivered, and installed, accommodating the growing number of students at Sequel.
    Hamilton College (New, temporary modular dorm): Designed and delivered in 30 days, these dorms were created as a spacious solution for 72 students during the coronavirus outbreak.

    Find Student Modular Housing For Sale Or Lease

    Ready to start designing your students’ new favorite complex, or want to learn more about our used modular dorms? Send us a message today to start the process of getting affordable student housing for your college or university.

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