How Modular Construction Companies Are Helping the U.S. Through the Pandemic [+ Examples]

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    January 15, 2021

    How Modular Construction Companies Are Helping the U.S. Through the Pandemic [+ Examples]

    You might have seen the recent New York Times piece that addressed the many ways modular construction has stepped up to the plate to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. We may be biased, but it’s a great read highlighting what modular construction can offer people in the midst of such an unprecedented crisis.

    And while the NYT article sheds some light on what modular construction is and how it has offered support during the COVID-19 outbreak in terms of healthcare buildings, we’d like to pick up where they left off.

    Let’s explore just how versatile and broad the pandemic response has been from the perspective of modular construction companies, highlighting some of our own unique modular construction project examples from 2020.

    If you’re new to modular construction, learn more about what it is, the building process, its benefits, and how it differs from traditional onsite construction methods in our ultimate guide to modular construction

    Modular Construction Examples During the Pandemic, From Offices, to Dorms And Classrooms

    We’ve not only responded directly to the pandemic, but also developed ways to still carry out the construction projects slated to be built prior to the pandemic. Below we’ll cover several modular building types and construction examples we’ve been able to deliver over the past year.

    Before we jump in, we do want to note that modular construction has been a key component of both private commercial enterprises’ and various municipalities’ plans for disaster relief long before communities faced this particular crisis.

    For example, our portfolio showcases examples of how we’ve provided classrooms, office space, disaster reconstruction services, and various government swing spaces following natural disasters that have hit the U.S. on numerous occasions.

    Modular Construction Example #1) Wellstar Cobb Hospital Mobile Office

    From massive construction projects that saw entire modular hospital buildings assembled in two weeks, to relocatable, temporary buildings delivered within single-digit business days, modular construction companies clearly offered one amenity no other construction type could – SPEED.

    While the New York Times article addressed examples of patient facilities, at Mobile Modular, we also helped deliver hospital-adjacent support buildings.

    When Wellstar Cobb Hospital in Austell, GA. needed a mobile administrative office building for staff, we were ready to deliver.

    The building itself was onsite in a matter of a few days. The unique portable office building served as a relief valve for hospital staff in the midst of a pandemic that has overwhelmed hospitals across the country.

    Located just outside the central hospital building, the office trailer provided a clean, sanitized space, with a climate controlled HVAC system.

    While the space itself was efficient in size, it also offered certain office and medical staff protection against unnecessary exposure within the hospital itself. We have continually monitored CDC guidelines for best practices and optimized the layouts to give medical support staff the ability to social distance. 

    Other Common Types of Healthcare-related Modular Buildings Include:

    • Modular medical clinics
    • Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
    • Modular triage and diagnosis facilities
    • Temporary testing facilities and staff offices
    • Mobile urgent care centers
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Diagnostic imaging centers
    • Mobile and modular medical laboratories
    • Administrative office buildings 

    Modular Construction Example #2) School Portables With Social Distancing Layouts

    Schools across the country are still in the midst of a battle against the pandemic. That battle ranges from practicalities, budgets and safety, to the quality of education and political infighting. Mobile Modular has offered classrooms, university office space, and student dormitories during this time as a means of supporting those educational institutions who needed in-person solutions.

    To accommodate new space demands and help students and staff that were plagued by natural disasters in the midst of the pandemic, our modular classroom floor plans were designed for increased safety.

    The CDC recommended that students and staff returning to the classroom be given appropriate space to help protect against the spread of the virus. As you can see above, we quickly responded by adjusting the layout of classrooms to assist with roughly half the number of students that classrooms are traditionally used to hosting.

    Adhering to short timelines, these permanent classrooms and school portables continue to be a big part of the reopening process for schools across the country.

    Modular Construction Example #3) Dorms At Tufts University For Covid-positive Isolation

    Universities have also been forced to deal with the realities and challenges of defending against a highly contagious disease and the movements of young adult students. At Mobile Modular, we’ve been called on for several large-scale dormitory projects.

    In a couple cases we were asked to assemble a large number of temporary dormitory buildings that could be used to house students who tested positive and needed to be sheltered elsewhere on campus.

    These buildings needed to provide both the isolation necessary to prevent further spread of the disease, and all the comforts and amenities that allowed students to rest, continue studying and exist as normally as possible.

    With the entire undergraduate student population set to return to school this past fall, Tufts University (Medford, Massachusetts) led the way in creating a safer, more trackable environment by utilizing our modular dorms.

    Mobile Modular installed more than 200 modular buildings to serve as temporary student housing for anyone who tested positive for the virus.

    “We are adding on top of surveillance testing of every student twice a week so that we can pull out of the dorms – any students who are positive before they have a chance to spread,“ said Tufts University President, Anthony Monaco.

    Modular Construction Example #4) The Citadel Military College Dormitory Project

    In the winter of 2020, The Citadel team approached Mobile Modular to complete a new, permanent modular dormitory building. The requests made to our construction team were to:

    • Design a building that would seamlessly blend into the campus
    • Provide a turnkey dormitory building by July of 2020
    • Ensure a cost effective construction project
    • Utilize sustainable, environmentally-friendly, green modular building techniques

    We accomplished all of our goals of building this permanent dorm building, and we did so safely and on-time during the pandemic.

    This was a great example of how responsive our team could be in the midst of a custom construction project. As the general contractor, we needed to ensure our team had the PPE, health information and space to operate safely, while ensuring manufacturers, suppliers, and other subcontractors on the project were also provided the exact logistics to continue operating efficiently.

    And while not initially planned, we’ve been told that the dormitory has been used to help the college house COVID-19 positive students.

    Modular Construction Example #5) Education Office Center – University Of Texas (San Antonio) Student Success Center

    Constructing this student success center is another good example of a custom construction project that we were able to build in spite of the pandemic.

    Our experienced team rallied to the challenge of applying large-scale modular construction logistics to a new framework that had to be safe for our employees, our partners, and still offer the unique time-saving advantages we’re known for.

    This building, while significant in size, is a temporary office space. We built the exterior to match the campus and provided the specifications they requested. And when they no longer need the building, we’ll be able to re-use the modules for another school or commercial business.

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