Modular Dorms to Aid Tufts University in Covid-19 Prevention and Recovery

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    July 30, 2020

    Modular Dorms to Aid Tufts University in Covid-19 Prevention and Recovery

    With the entire undergraduate student population set to return to school this fall, Tufts University (Medford, Massachusetts) is leading the way in creating a safer, more trackable environment by utilizing modular dorms. 

    In partnership with Mobile Modular, Tufts is installing more than 200 modular buildings to serve as student housing for anyone who tests positive for the virus. 

    “We are adding on top of surveillance testing of every student twice a week so that we can pull out of the dorms - any students who are positive before they have a chance to spread,“ said Tufts University President, Anthony Monaco.

    According to WCVB and Tufts University’s President, the modular dormitories will be used as living spaces for students that need to be quarantined. The spaces will allow students to have clean, quiet private rooms as well as limited interactions in small groups.


    The Case For Modular Dormitories at a School Near You

    Modular student housing has become the go-to solution for major public universities and private schools across the country trying to find ways for their students to return to campus safely this fall. 

    We’re receiving a growing number of requests for this style of housing and the reasons why are simple:

    1. The Timeline for the Continued Spread of the Virus is Unknown

    K-12 or post-secondary education leaders aren’t sure how long their campuses will continue to be impacted by the virus. Modular building suppliers like ourselves offer temporary, portable solutions that are ready for immediate deployment all across the United States. Schools can lease modular dorms as they monitor the coronavirus’s rise and fall over the next year or more.

    2. Solutions Are Needed Quickly

    The 2020-2021 school year is starting in the next couple months for many institutions. Modular dormitories can be built and installed within weeks and months depending on current availability.

    Even completely new modular construction projects can be completed in 30-50% of the time that it takes traditional, stick-built construction.

    Select this link for more information on the benefits and uses of modular dorms.

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    And ask about our Covid-19 social distancing floor plans to help make sure students and staff alike have the best opportunity to remain in compliance with CDC guidelines.

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