Modular Workforce Housing For The Island of Ocean Cay

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    March 3, 2020

    Modular Workforce Housing For The Island of Ocean Cay

    Just 65 miles off the coast of Miami lies a small man-made island named the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. Pronounced Ocean “Key,” this little island spans approximately 200 acres of sandy beaches and vacation paradise. Constructed in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean by MSC Cruise Lines, it serves as a day-stop destination for cruise guests. The island has seen significant renovation changes, including remote logistics on prefabricated housing modules carried out by Mobile Modular, ensuring the island is ready for both employees and visitors. 

    MSC Cruise Line And Mobile Modular Partnership

    The sandy beaches and untouched beauty make this private island an ideal stop on MSC Cruise Line’s Bahamas route. Guests are treated to breathtaking views, unique excursions, and pristine waters perfect for snorkeling and exploring sunken shipwrecks nearby. To offer its guests this exceptional experience, MSC required a robust infrastructure and accommodation facilities. That's when they sought the expertise of Mobile Modular.

    Our team excels in delivering top-notch modular solutions and comprehensive services to clients in remote areas and locations where traditional construction is challenging. We furnished the island with three apartment buildings (comprising 132 units) and a townhome with four units for MSC’s top executives. Collaborating with our manufacturing associates in Florida and Georgia, we designed, engineered, and assembled 80 modules off-site within a mere 90 days, overseeing transportation from the factory to Ocean Cay's port at every phase. Once on the island, our professionals set up the modules, finalizing the structures with new decks, access ramps, stairs, roofing, and siding. Our efforts are now pivotal to the island's operations and its ongoing success as a tourist hotspot and bio-reserve. 

    About The Island

    Previously a sand excavation site, this island was essentially a dumping spot in the Bahamas. However, thanks to MSC Cruise Lines, the primary objective for this land has transitioned to environmental conservation and safeguarding the 64-square-mile marine reserve encircling the island. By establishing a private vacation spot on the island, they could finance the restoration initiatives.

    Over 500 experts dedicated their skills to rejuvenate the 160,000 tons of rocky shoreline and plant more than 75,000 individual organisms. This reserve remains pristine, allowing the marine ecosystem to rejuvenate. To bolster these endeavors, the island will feature a bio lab where researchers and students can oversee the coral's revival. With coral reefs globally facing threats, such conservation measures are vital for fostering healthy coral communities.

    Ocean Cay Transformation

    Since its inauguration in December 2019, the island has undergone a significant transformation, with the addition of over 7,000 new trees. A current aerial view would reveal mostly sand, but the upcoming decades promise lush tropical greenery blanketing the island. An innovative irrigation system has been implemented, using rainwater harvested in inverted umbrellas to nurture tropical growth for the foreseeable future. 

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