Modular Medical Buildings for Sale: How Your Business Will Benefit

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    May 22, 2023

    Modular Medical Buildings for Sale: How Your Business Will Benefit

    Purchasing or building a medical clinic for your business is a major decision. You want a facility that is clean, comfortable, functional, and affordable. A modular medical building can meet all of those criteria while also providing additional flexibility and customization options. They can also be built and delivered significantly faster than a traditional, site-built clinic.

    What Is a Prefabricated Medical Clinic?

    A modular or prefabricated medical clinic is a structure that has been built in an off-site facility and delivered to its final location. Mobile Modular builds its prefab structures in a climate-controlled facility that is far more efficient and cost-effective than site-built construction.

    Prefabricated buildings can be permanent or temporary. They can also serve as standalone units or be added onto existing structures.

    Modular healthcare buildings come standard with electrical outlets, lights, heating and cooling units, locks, and other basic amenities. Modular medical buildings can serve as exam rooms, imaging rooms, waiting rooms, and many other purposes. They can also be customized to meet our clients’ needs with features such as built-in case work for storage and hand wash sinks in exam rooms.

    In addition to single-unit modular buildings, Mobile Modular can also build entire hospitals and medical complexes for our clients. Prefabricated medical clinics can be joined by additional modular buildings, such as administrative offices, showers, lockers, break rooms, daycares, cafeterias, and storage units.

    The Benefits of a Prefab Clinic


    One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a new modular medical clinic is the opportunity you will have to design the building to your needs.

    Mobile Modular offers a wide range of interior and exterior customization options. Our customers can choose the colors and materials of their units to match adjacent buildings. Interiors can be built with materials that are easy for staff to regularly clean and sanitize. Individual room layouts, security options, and other features can be customized when you work with our experienced design team to create a building that matches your needs.


    The efficient design and build practices of modular medical buildings make them more affordable than traditional construction. They aren’t bound by real estate, so you can buy a modular clinic and place it in an affordable location that makes sense for your business.

    Since modular healthcare buildings can be constructed and delivered much faster than traditional buildings, you can open your practice sooner. This is especially important in an era of rising interest rates when an earlier start can help you get ahead of the next rate hike.

    Mobile Modular offers flexible financing on new purchases and a range of short-term and long-term leasing options.


    Another advantage of modular buildings is they use less waste than traditional construction. Since modular clinics are built in a facility, all the best tools and materials are immediately available. Standardized building methods allow crews to use exact or near-exact materials to reduce what is thrown away. Modular construction also uses less energy and generates fewer carbon emissions. 

    Our modular healthcare buildings are made from durable materials and are built to resist moisture and weather severe climates. Maintenance is recommended and imperative for a well-maintained building.


    Modular buildings are made to be easy to scale, both temporarily and permanently. Healthcare facilities often lease modular medical clinics during cold and flu season for added capacity. They can also be invaluable during a pandemic when reliable buildings can be especially hard to obtain.

    Purchasing a Modular Medical Clinic

    If purchasing a new modular building sounds right for your business, request a quote from our staff. We can get to work designing a clinic that meets your needs and budget. Our staff can also give you specific information on construction and delivery timelines, so you’ll know when your clinic can be ready for business.

    Renting Prefab Medical Buildings

    We frequently lease medical buildings to healthcare institutions when their existing facilities are undergoing construction or renovations. They can also be invaluable for expanding capacity during cold and flu season or a pandemic.

    Modular Medical Clinic Floor Plans

    We have floor plans of modular medical clinics across a range of sizes available on our website. But if you’re purchasing a new building, your clinic doesn’t necessarily have to stick to this structure. Our experienced team of designers would be happy to work with you to create a floor plan that matches your goals.

    Modular Hospital Design

    Building a new hospital can take a significant amount of time and money, and it is often disruptive to nearby healthcare facilities. A modular hospital can speed up construction timelines, save money, and minimize disruption to any existing operations. Reach out to our team to find out how Mobile Modular can design a hospital that meets your needs.

    Examples of Prefab Medical Clinics

    Level One Trauma Center

    When Winthrop-University Hospital needed to build a trauma center to expand its existing facilities with minimal disruption to the patients and staff, they reached out to Mobile Modular. We designed and built a 3,400-square-foot facility in 11 modular sections and transported them to Nassau County, Long Island.

    Karmanos Cancer Center

    While the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Farmington Hills, Michigan was undergoing construction, they needed a temporary modular medical building to continue their operations. Mobile Modular provided 5,600 square feet of exam rooms and general offices.

    Temporary Dental Clinic

    Mobile Modular built a 2,100-square-foot dental facility for the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe that could be placed temporarily before being moved to a permanent location. Since the dental office was fitting into a larger health complex, it had to be compatible with existing facilities and equipment that the tribe used.

    The project was heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy, which struck the East Coast and created challenges in Mashpee, MA. However, through diligent planning and excellent communication, the Mobile Modular team was able to overcome the delays and install the facility before the contract was complete.

    Choose Your Modular Medical Building

    Ready to purchase or lease a modular medical clinic for your practice? Reach out to our staff to find the best solution.

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