Mobile Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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    October 28, 2021

    Mobile Office Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

    In most industries, decisions surrounding office space and functionality can feel a little mundane. You know you need more office space, but the worst that can come of a subpar office solution is a little lost efficiency or wasted money.

    In healthcare, it’s different. Every decision is about saving lives. When looking for more office space, you can’t only pick from your list at random. You need the best mobile office solution — the one that will enable your team to heal more people.

    At Mobile Modular, we believe that modular buildings provide the very best in mobile office solutions for the healthcare industry. However, that’s not only our biased opinion, and it’s an opinion we’ve formed after helping numerous healthcare facilities expand their office space and seeing the successful outcomes modular brings.

    Are you not convinced? Read on. And when you’re ready for mobile office space that really works for your healthcare facility, reach out to Mobile Modular.

    Why Choose Modular For Your Mobile Office Solution ?

    To understand why modular construction provides the best mobile office solution for healthcare businesses, you must first understand modularity. Modular buildings are constructed off-site in factory-like conditions. They consist of repeatable units that can be mixed and matched to create custom buildings to meet any industry’s needs, including those of the healthcare industry. Read on to learn more about why modular buildings are the perfect mobile office solution.

    Modular is Adjustable

    Imagine you’ve recently purchased six modular office units to create enough working space for your staff. Now, imagine that one of your competitors is closing, and you’re going to absorb their patient load, and you suddenly need room for not only more patients but more staff.

    Adding modular onto a site-built, if you have the room, is a solvable problem! Place a call to your modular building provider. Within weeks, you can have more mobile office units with the same standards as those you recently added.

    The adjustability of modular mobile offices doesn’t only go one way. If you rented extra units and suddenly have less need for the office space, you can return them. If you purchased additional mobile offices, you could sell or repurpose the units.

    Modular is Mobile 

    It should be evident that mobile offices are mobile, but it’s a critical distinction that bears repeating. You can’t move a traditionally constructed healthcare office facility. But when you go the modular route, you create more options.

    Why does that matter in the healthcare industry? Because, as the COVID-19 pandemic and countless other health crises have taught us, the needs of healthcare operations are in constant flux, sometimes in a shockingly sudden fashion. Need more office space at a facility across town or even across the state? No problem! You can move your modular mobile offices around to accommodate situations that come your way.

    A Mobile Office Solution Doesn't Disrupt 

    Healthcare facilities that are critical to community safety and wellness don’t get to take a break. If you’re adding a new wing to the hospital to create more office space, you have to find a way to work around that construction and keep serving patients.

    This is one of the most impactful reasons modular is the best mobile office solution for the healthcare industry: you don’t have to shut down operations or even disrupt them to add mobile offices. The units are constructed off-site, you won’t have work crews marching around and taking up space, and there are no hazardous construction zones like those that shut down entire floors with traditional construction.

    Rent Or Buy The Best Mobile Office Solution

    If you haven’t already picked up on it, one of the key benefits of modular construction in mobile office solutions is flexibility. This is true even down to the financial level, in the sense that you can easily rent or buy modular office units.

    That’s often a welcome fact to healthcare leadership worried about over-buying office space. You don’t want to have to explain to the board or investors why floors upon floors of a shiny new office building are empty, and if you go modular, you don’t have to. If you’ve rented your units, your provider will take them back. If you’ve purchased them, you can sell them or move them around to ensure your office space is operating at optimum capacity.

    A Bonus: Sustainability

    The world — and, not insignificantly, public opinion — is moving toward the greener side. That includes construction, healthcare, and a wide variety of related industries and functions. An additional bonus of modular mobile offices is that they are environmentally friendly compared to traditional construction.

    In many cases, modular units are built from recycled materials. Adding to that, you can easily find or design units outfitted with green measures like solar panels and efficient utility systems and windows.

    That’s not to mention the fact that constructing office space off-site, as you do with modular construction, reduces a lot of the pollution-heavy practices associated with traditional construction. For example, modular construction can cut the number of truck deliveries made to a construction site by more than 90%. That’s a lot saved on emissions — as well as labor and transportation costs.

    How The Healthcare Industry Can Use Mobile Office Solutions 

    Having a modular construction partner on call to work with you when your office needs change will be hugely helpful the next time a crisis comes up. The ability to have the office space you need to be delivered to your door within weeks gives you an enormous leg up on competitors who may still rely on traditional construction, with all its scheduling delays, permitting, and other time-wasting factors.

    But modular construction isn’t only the best mobile office solution for the healthcare industry. We believe it’s the best construction solution for healthcare, period. Here are some of the other ways the healthcare can make use of modular:

    • Intensive care unit space
    • Modular hospitals
    • Specialist offices, such as dermatology and physical therapy clinics
    • Controlled modular environments for sensitive functions like imaging
    • Movable urgent care centers

    Check out some of the other healthcare building projects Mobile Modular has completed for our customers.

    Mobile Modular: The Best Mobile Office Solution For Healthcare

    The healthcare industry is arguably one of the most essential sectors our society has. No decision can be taken lightly, and that includes your choice of mobile office solutions. That’s why the team at Mobile Modular works so hard to make modular the best mobile office solution for the healthcare industry. We know how well modular solutions work for situations like those you encounter in the healthcare industry, and we’re eager to spread the word.
    Want to learn more? Give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call at 866-395-7309 or contact us online today.

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