Modular Construction Provides The Citadel Campus With New Dormitory Building

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    December 7, 2020

    Modular Construction Provides The Citadel Campus With New Dormitory Building

    The Citadel is a historic military college located in Charleston, South Carolina. The building architecture on their campus can be described as “Romanesque” and plays a large role in the campus’s aesthetic beauty and charm.

    In the winter of 2020, The Citadel team approached our team to complete a new modular dormitory building. The requests made to our construction team:

    • Design a building that would seamlessly blend into the campus
    • Provide a turnkey dormitory building by July of 2020
    • Ensure a cost-effective construction project
    • Utilize sustainable, environmentally-friendly, green modular building techniques

    How We Were Able To Achieve All Our Construction Goals For the Citadel Project  

    As a design-build, large-scale general contractor, our project management skills and experienced team is second to none. Our success and customer satisfaction begins with our team’s dedication to communication.

    Our team of modular experts worked with The Citadel staff to understand the full scope of their project. This meant understanding financial plans to meet and exceed budgetary expectations. It meant evaluating the site and how staff and students would utilize the dormitory building. And we listened to the importance their team placed on preserving the image of The Citadel Campus and protecting the environment.

    Goal #1) A Citadel Dormitory Design that Matched the Character of Their Current Architecture  

    Our team wanted to showcase the corridor by providing a simple, yet elegant double-loaded corridor design.

    Such a design took advantage of the offsite manufacturing of modules, but allowed the majority of construction to take place in the factory setting. Additionally, it created convenient, horizontal corridors to run important utilities and mechanical infrastructure such as electricity, fire sprinkler systems, and alarm systems with less disturbance to rated walls.

    To tie the exterior look and feel of the building into The Citadel campus, we included a site-installed gable roof. The roof style in combination with beautiful brick skirting, Hardie paneling, and vertical trim provided a finished modular dormitory project that cohesively tied the campus together.

    Goal #2) Ability to Meet Demanding Construction Timelines

    We were able to begin production in April of 2020 and complete the 16 module, 8,448 square foot dormitory building for occupancy in July 2020.

    To accomplish this goal, we stayed in constant communication with all parties, took advantage of the offsite construction process that allows site preparation and factory assembly of building modules to begin at the same time. Our team regularly monitored the schedule and delivered the final project 4 weeks before the building was slated for use.

    Goal #3) Cost Effectiveness 

    Cost effectiveness for this project was made possible with a comprehensive and holistic organization process that provided transparency to the customer, utilized the strategic services of partners and subcontractors, as well as coordinating the logistics of those contractors. This was especially important given the additional hurdles created by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Examples of cost-effective considerations included consulting the client whenever a potential cost-saving opportunity presented itself. For example, our team recognized that by making a small change to the flooring materials, we would be able to install the flooring in the factory rather than onsite. The flooring material change meant utilizing a material that was better suited to transport.

    In addition, we were able to provide subcontractors with the order in which to complete their required installations to save time and to protect other building materials from experiencing unnecessary damage.

    Goal #4) Green Modular Building Technology 

    In general, modular construction is recognized as a greener form of construction than some of its traditional construction counterparts. Environmental factors to be included in The Citadel project:

    • External site considerations for land and wildlife
    • Safe, healthy internal environment for the future staff and students
    • Building energy efficiency

    Examples of how we achieved these standards included contracting with a roofing company to provide a wood truss system. The company sources and utilizes wood that has the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)® FSC-C004179 Chain of Custody Certification SCS-COC-001831.

    Our engineering team focused on providing ample insulation in the modules to reduce energy demands.

    Additionally, we installed a water recirculation system to reduce water waste and wasted energy used to heat the water.

    Our Construction Partners That Made This Project Possible

    We’d like to recognize those that helped us deliver this building project. First, we’d like to thank The Citadel, Claire Bowman, and their entire staff for recognizing the benefits of modular construction and selecting us at Mobile Modular to take on this amazing project. We’d like to recognize Anchor Mobile Home Services from Frostproof, FL for their work as the Installers. And a thanks for the manufacturing services provided by Southeast Modular out of Ellaville, Georgia.

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