New Waves In Healthcare Construction

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    April 21, 2017

    New Waves In Healthcare Construction

    Healthcare, a Rapidly Changing Landscape

    Healthcare within the United States is experiencing major shifts due to the increasing needs of growing populations and increased expectations for comfort and convenience from patients. All of these factors have immediate implications on the need for smart alternatives in healthcare construction.

    The Direction of Healthcare Growth

    mm new waves in healthcareHealthcare is constantly changing due to the general growth in population. This growth necessitates extending healthcare facilities.

    Construction of outpatient facilities has significantly increased compared to past years. According to a 2016 hospital construction survey by Health Facilities Management, “35 percent and 21 percent of respondents, respectively, said they had a medical office or an ambulatory care project in the works in the next three years.”

    An article from the Arkansas Business online magazine has stated in that, “the health care industry is expanding to keep up with northwest Arkansas’ growing population... major hospital expansions are under way, such as Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s $167 million facility in Springdale and Mercy Hospital Northwest’s $247 million expansion plan. Other hospitals and medicalcare companies…have also begun or completed expansions.”

    Baby Boomers add up to 76.4 million of the country’s population. This generation makes for close to a quarter of the overall population of the United States. Aging baby boomers present a need for increase in healthcare facility capacities. In 2011, baby boomers started reached the traditional age for retirement and will do so for many years.

    Convenient Healthcare Options

    mm wavwe healthcareIn recent year’s patients, especially Millennials, expect convenient access to healthcare. Healthcare providers are responding by building outreach facilities closer to their patients.

    Smaller and accessible medical facilities are also expanding to meet this need for accessibility as affordable alternatives to hospitals. These facilities have taken the form of walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, and medical specialty complexes.

    Leaders in healthcare will need rapid, accessible expansions, without significantly driving up costs. While innovations from traditional construction are an option, modular construction presents a quick, affordable construction option.

    Modular Construction for Healthcare Industry

    Modular healthcare buildings are a cost-effective expansion for small and large healthcare facilities. Modular buildings are completed in a weather-protected factory environment, then delivered to the construction site, and fitted with healthcare essentials. Temporary modular structures are another highly mobile option for healthcare providers that service communities in remote areas.

    If you are associated with the healthcare industry and would like to get the jump on the competition by investing in modular healthcare buildings, request a quote today.

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