Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Have An On-site Modular Health Clinic

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    July 27, 2017

    Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Have An On-site Modular Health Clinic

    In a survey by Willis Towers Watson, 31 percent of employers have considered expanding their onsite health services. An additional 38 percent of employees have stated they want to add more healthcare centers. This comes as no surprise when workers have to leave the office for a doctor’s appointment. It can take three to four hours out of an employee’s work day with travel and wait. That’s a significant chunk of lost productivity.

    However, saving work hours isn't the only reason why employers should invest in on-site healthcare clinics. Here are three reasons why your company should consider having an onsite health clinic today.

    1. Lower Costs

    One of the main reasons companies stay away from setting up onsite clinics is due to cost. Even so, with onsite clinics, your costs actually go down and not up. Onsite clinics decrease the number of employee visits to hospitals. According to a survey of 255 employers by the nonprofit National Association of Worksite Health Centers, prompt onsite medical care causes:

    • A 64 percent decrease in medical care costs
    • A nearly 70 percent reduction in time lost due to employees leaving work to see offsite medical providers
    • A 63 percent reduction in usage of emergency rooms

    2. Improved Productivity

    mm health clinicEasily accessible healthcare gives employees the opportunity to be more productive. Onsite clinics encourage employees to check in when they feel ill for medications so they can get back to work faster than if they had to schedule a day off. The availability of onsite medical professionals also opens up other services for employees, such as stress management programs, wellness programs, and more. The result is a more productive workforce due to a healthier, happier environment.


    3. Increased Loyalty

    Having an onsite clinic shows your company is serious about the well-being of your employees. Several employers with onsite clinics have emphasized the importance of considering the broader impact the workplace has on employees’ lives, including the benefits that clinics have on employee loyalty, morale, and the company’s reputation. Potential employees do take into consideration the benefits that companies offer when considering job options. A company with better benefits and a healthy, happy reputation are more attractive to potential job searchers and current employees.

    Why Choose Modular Onsite Clinics?

    Now that we've established the advantages of on-site health care clinics let's look at a cost-effective and time-saving option for building your own. Modular medical clinics are a great way to begin an onsite medical facility due to:

    1. Modular medical clinics take less time to set up than traditional construction. Since components are pre-fabricated in a factory, they are built quickly to be delivered and installed at your site.
    2. Modular clinics are safer to build because most of the construction work is done in a factory away from your office or facility.
    3. Modular construction gets the work done with minimal disturbance. Since most of the construction is done offsite and the clinic installation process takes minimal time, your employees won’t have to endure noisy construction or the prolonged presence of construction workers.

    Make the wise choice with onsite modular health clinics. Mobile Modular offers you modular healthcare buildings with customization options, so you can specify any upgrades or add-ons that you’d like to include. Request a quote today.

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